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Hello all, My principal expects me to treat everything and anything that may happen as long as I am in the premises. Children who go home and come back to play on the ground have been brought to me... Read More

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    It doesn't matter what your principal says about who you treat and when you treat. If you are working outside your hours and IF it's a liability then YOU will be the one to answer....not your principal. Protect your license first. It really irks me when the educational side of the building tries to step into the nursing side. They know NOTHING and they can truly care less if you get in trouble. They will replace you quicker than when they hired you.
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    At $100 or so for a year's worth of malpractice insurance coverage comes out to less than $9 a month. Small amount for your peace of mind.
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    You are liable, no matter what the education personnel say, you have a NURSING license, not just a teaching certificate and have to answer to that. Get you own malpractice insurance pronto. Do yourself a HUGE favor and do not come in before your start time and leave as quickly as possible at your end time. You cannot be held responsible for that which you are not there for.
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    OK folks, I resigned not only from the school but from the district. My principal, I and the district nurse manager had a meeting in which the principal lied in her teeth saying the child had not gone home and come back. The district manager lectured me on how being a nurse means your duty does not end at a certain hour.
    I realized the district was not worth staying with, so I resigned. Never felt better.
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    Thank you for the comeback. People like to know how things turn out for OPs.

    Sad about your lack of district support. When it suits THEM, isn't it something that so many folk seem to think nurses are some type of saint. But we are NOT Mother Theresa's - no vows of obedience. Nor are we draftees - no oaths of allegiance.

    Some people just don't get it. Good luck to you personally & professionally.
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    Thank you all for the information and support. Good thing is, I have my own liability insurance now. Already feel sorry for the next nurse. I hope the principal gets a shock when the next nurse refuses to treat after hours too.
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    Unless the interviewing nurse was quite savvy, Id' bet the issue would not come up during the interviewing.

    "Surprise, surprise, surprise". - Gomer Pyle