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    What I learned today is to ALWAYS, no matter what, give a student a bucket if you have them lay down for what may seem like a simple tummy ache. My 10th grade student was under the impression that his explosive vomit would fit into the tiny 4oz cup I gave him for water. Needless to say, it was a "roll your pant legs up" kind of day. Thank goodness it's Friday!
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    Noted!!! Thanks! I'm new to school nursing.
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    I have to laugh at your story. I have 4 trashcans in my clinic and carpet on the floor (old building and they have yet to put down tile....gross I know). I always tell my kids if you even think you have to puke you better score and hit the trashcan! I ain't scrubbing vomit out of carpet. Ever. Not even if there's a fire. :-)
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    We had a student feeling like he was going to vomit any second so I say there's a trashcan pointing to it and this sub secretary says there's a bathroom right over here (employee bathroom) and the poor kid made it to the door then vomited everywhere near the toilet-carpet, walls, etc. She said oh-I see why you offered the trashcan. Lesson learned it's best to use what's closest. I have a trashcan right beside the cot and just automatically say if you feel like you're going to throw up use that. However, I don't say that for every stomach ache. I observe the kids while they're laying there and see their demeanor. I've learned though if they say they're going to puke they usually do. This is much different than when they say I haven't been feeling well all morning, I'm a little nauseated and I feel like I "might" get sick. The more they talk the less sick they usually are!
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    I had a surprise puker a few weeks ago -- she was laying down for a headache, and after about ten minutes sat up to sip on water and instead spewed everywhere! Luckily I keep my trash can right in front of the cot!
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