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Hi All: I am attending a SST meeting tomorrow for a Kindergartener who is pooping his pants. The info I have so far: he does it both at school and home, he's been to a doctor who says he has a bit of... Read More

  1. by   NevadaFighter
    Possibly encopresis? We were just talking about this condition in my Peds class.

    I'm pretty sure that my cousin used to have this when he was little. He was always scared to have a BM because he thought it would hurt, so he would end up pooping himself.
  2. by   cav5
    I had a few children with this at my school. I believe the advice is sound-referral to the school counselor or psychologist is good but[COLOR=#003366]mmc51264 is also right on the money-I had a great doctor a few years back that really discussed this issue with me and the children really do lose the urge or sensation to go to the bathroom-in that case you do have to retrain them to go even though they don't feel like it-that is why the waiting on the toilet works. The doctor said it takes at least 6 months to a year to do this. the retraining and the miralax were the treatments he suggested along with the counseling.

    It is more common than one might think-holding a child's education back for something like this isn't in the best interest of the child as it can take some time to get this sorted.
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