It's just one of those days... It's just one of those days... | allnurses

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It's just one of those days...

  1. 1 ... I just have no tolerance today. Period. I'm so tired of seeing the same kids day in and day out. Blah.

    OK, vent over
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    [font="comic sans ms"]i totally hear what you're saying. hope your day improves. we've all been there and done that ! (((hugs))) to you

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    Yep, it's that time of year for sure. I am turning from kind compassionate nursey to mean ole Nurse Ratchet. Kids are ready for a break, staff is ready for a break, crankiness all around. Thank God for Thanksgiving Break next week (although I do have the deal with the in-laws...but at least Christmas break is only 3 weeks after that!)
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    I just keep setting min-goals for myself Election Day... Thanksgiving... Christmas... (?) Snow days... Spring Break...