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Is this going around at the school? - page 2

How do you reply to that? Say a student has been home sick with a stomach bug, and yes, you've sent home a few kids for vomiting this week, but nothing alarming. Or maybe the issue is lice.... Read More

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    Quote from Nurse ABC
    I had a parent call me back after picking up his sick child and ask how long he could expect him to be sick. I'm like a day or two, possibly longer. It made him happy even though I basically said I don't know.
    is that parent related to the child that endlessly asks when their parent is coming for them while waiting in your office for a pickup?? "when is my mom going to be here?" i don't know... who am i, Kreskin?? She told me 20 minutes, it's been half an hour - soon, i would imagine... (i hope...grumble grumble)
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    Yes most definately! Lol! Those are the ones whose parents just live "right down the street" yet somehow manage to take an hour!
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