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Hello all! I recently had an interview today as a school nurse as an LPN. I have only 3 months nursing home experience, but brought a binder full of first aid, neb treatments, lice info, seizure... Read More

  1. by   iMACRN2FNP
    1. Do you have a family? children?
    2. Does your husband make enough to supplement your income?
    3. Are you interested in paid vacations (summer, spring break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and holidays?)
    4. Can you tolerate a seating position (desk job) for 8 hours?
    5. Are you good with public speaking?
    6. Are you confident enough to work by yourself?
    7. Confident enough to make nursing decisions?
    If you answer "yes" to all, then you shouldn't think twice. I would suggest working PRN at the hospital though, cause once you out for quite some time, it's hard to go back.
  2. by   ChristinP
    I don't get paid a lot but, I will have a nice pension when I retire. I have the same days off as my kids, snow days off, multiple vacations and summers off. My oldest even went to the same high school I work in (that was and wasn't a benefit).

    It's not a cake job and it's never boring. I do however have to work a part time job to earn extra money. I stay because I really like it and when I finally get my RN I'll be able to put in to run my own school.
  3. by   100kids
    The money is not the best but I am home to get my son off the bus each day, off for a week at Christmas, Presidents Day and Easter and I have the summer off. It's not easy but I love the kids, love the hours, love the time off. It's like being the mom to 100 extra kids each day.
  4. by   Supernrse01
    You mentioned the Nurseatient ratio making you feel like you could lose your license. In most places, the nurse:student ratio is worse. I am the district nurse, with an assistant nurse. She is 1 nurse: ~350 students. I am responsible for 3 schools... 1 nurse: ~ 1400 students.

    Being a school nurse is a fantastic job and I wish you luck. Just wanted you to be aware of just how stressful it can get!