Illinois school nurse changes re: Rule 226.840

  1. I am a non-certified school nurse and have working in my district for over ten years. According to a new rule change, now only certified nurses can conduct a medical review for special education students. While I value higher learning standards, the time frame outlined in the law will not allow for any non-certified nurse to obtain a BSN nor a Type 73 certification prior to July 2013. I am officially registered to begin school in January, but I cannot help feeling frustrated that the State feels that I am no longer qualified to write and update health histories after writing literally thousands prior to its implementation. While I do not have a Type 73, I do have a great deal of special education experience that I gained from working in the field which includes collaborating with special education director/coordinators, attending conferences and attending hundreds of staffings. Now our positions may be possibly restructured next year and I was wondering if any other Illinois school nurses were facing similar problems as a result of this rule change. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. It is my hope that current nurses will be grand-fathered.
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  3. by   JFruge
    I am in the same boat. Just found out about the change. What program are you going through? Please let me know how you are doing.
  4. by   Flare
    that's going to put quite a strain on the districts to scramble to come into compliance to that code by that date. I would find it hard to believe that there would be no leniency for current nurses to be grandfathered as long as the were employed or the certification process was started.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Read about this in the paper recently. Yep, huge strain as school districts scramble to cut costs. I live in a rural area with no school nurses. I foresee smaller school districts dropping school nurses.
  6. by   100kids
    That is tough. Hopefully they will future out a way to grandfather in those already in place even if only until they can obtain the new requirements. We don't require School Nurse Certification where I live. I wish we did. I would gladly take the classes. Here they don't have any classes because certification is not required so there's no demand.
  7. by   kimmill82
    Hi! I'm new-ish to this board ( I've read through in the past but never posted ) and this is the first I've heard of this rule change! I work in a small rural school PreK-12 grade. I am the only nurse in the entire district and news doesn't get to me very fast. I do have a bachelor's degree in nursing and have been a school nurse since 06. Has anyone heard anymore information regarding certification? I had always expected to obtain it but when my school has never pushed it or offered any incentive to obtain, I decided it wasn't worth my extra time and $. I'd love to hear if anyone knows anymore information that could help! Thanks