Head lice

  1. I would love to have some guidance. Late last evening I found lice eggs on my daughter last night, I didn't find any live louse. I found one egg on my son's head. I put mayonnaise on us all and we slept with shower caps on. I will comb us all this morning (hopefully my mom can do my hair). My husband bagged all my kid's stuffed animals and furry blankets and is washing clothes and linen in hot water and dryer. Since in my opinion school nurses rock, I would love to hear from you guys if I could have done something better, what else I should do. I am sending my son to school after I comb him this morning (as long as I don't find anything else). My daughter had quite a few eggs and has very long hair, so we are hanging out today and combing hair. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!!
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  3. by   twinmommy+2
    Does mayo actually work? Last year all three of my girls (with biracial long curly hair, it was a mess) got lice from school and I had to get the expensive treatments, twice cause you have to retreat.

    We used a spray that came with the box but you can buy it seperatly if you want to spray things like the couch, and don't forget to wash the coats and boil combs if you can or replace.
  4. by   Godgirl
    We unfortunately went thru this last year and used vinegar concoction and some expensive stuff my neighbor had got online and they didn't work, so we did mayo and it worked. I did the mayo then repeated for three days and did it again a week later. Plus washed all stuffed animals/furry stuff at the laundry mat and ruined all her soft stuffed animals, that's why bagging them this time.

    I just got done doing my sons hair and found three
    more "things", first I thought just the eggs, but now I am wondering if its nymphs since they are dark in color, not clear? They were attached to hair shaft.
  5. by   Godgirl
    We unfortunately did this last year and used vinegar mixture, expensive stuff my neighbor had got on the Internet and neither worked. So we did mayo for 3 days and repeated in 7 days and it worked. Thanks for the reminder about our coats!!
  6. by   Wave Watcher
    One of my parents did olive oil, wrapped heads in ceran wrap for 3 hrs. She said it killed everything on her daughter and her own head.
  7. by   twinmommy+2
    when I found all the girls with it, I just shaved my son's head. He has really short hair anyway but I just didn't want to put chemicals in someone's head if I didn't have to.
  8. by   Esme12
    Ugh...what a mess. I'm sorry your kids are going through this.

    But, as per the Terms of Service, we can't give medical advice.
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    I think a phone call to your PCP would be the best treatment.

    I wish you the best....thread closed.