College nursing

  1. Hi,

    Does being a nurse at a college count as school nursing? What does the life of a college nurse (small college, one nurse as entire staff, students sent off campus to local doctors if need be) look like? I'm assuming, colds, flu, std's, birth control, etc. but am not sure.

    Any words of experience or wisdom?

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  3. by   bergren
    No words of wisdom. But HRSA includes college nurses as school nurses:
  4. by   sharpeimom
    just a quick thought...

    my husband is a college professor, and he hears the kids complain that their nurse makes them ask for the condoms that are provided which embarasses the heck out of them, and she will only give each student one at a time. other colleges in the area set them out where the students can help themselves.
    the end result is that those kids (who are also too shy or embarassed to buy them anywhere don't use any protection, which is both foolish and potentially dangerous.)
  5. by   boondocks
    I think it's funny that they're embarassed to ask for condoms each time, but not to tell their professor about this! lol..or maybe you mean over-hear, anyways doesn't matter ..
    yes, I too see the problem there. I know that at places like planned parenthood, people in need can take virtually all the condoms they want. I am surprised that ANY clinic would only dispense one condom at a time, that's not enough to get through one night for many people!
  6. by   sharpeimom
    they do tell him all kinds of weird (i think) things, plus which, he overhears more things. :d their health center nurse is motherly, comforting, loving, in short, a nice lady. but, and it's a big but, she's
    the age of their grandmothers! her intentions are good, but when it comes to the subject of teens having sex or even just experiementing a bit, you have to deal with what is and not how you wish things were.

    you have to be practical when dealing with kids that age since many (most?) have already made up their
    minds about the subject of sex and you probably aren't going to change their minds. sooo... as my mom used to say sometimes, "you deal what is instead of what you the adult would wish things might be."
    in this case, provide the condoms, but don't dole them out, provide pamphlets and keep your door opened for questions and problems.