1. I can't remember if I asked this before - i'm getting end of the year brain...

    Do you use a computerized charting system? If so, what do you use and what do you think of it?

    If you are paper charting, do you want to go digital?
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  3. by   Heidi the nurse
    We don't really, although being in 3 schools, I would like it. I carry a pad of nurses notes with me if I need to chart on a student from a school I'm not in that day. We have been told we can put some updates in our computerized system, but for the most part we use paper. That could be changing though, because we have moved away from paper charting with medications and office visits, and are starting to put our vision and hearing results online to (also on the health file).
  4. by   mandm97
    I've been using the SNAP program since 2003 and LOVE it. :redpinkhe Our charting is so much easier and more detail then before. You can pull off reports and stats quickly. The support at SNAP is fantastic.

  5. by   lissaq10
    Genesis. It's okay. The support has been really good, but I think that pulling reports can be complicated at times.
  6. by   Heidi the nurse
    Unable to edit my original post - our district does have a computerized system - Skyward. It does have things like immunizations and health conditions and places for family information, attendance, discipline etc etc. Its data mining is great and we can run about any report you would want, but don't do daily charting in it.
  7. by   mycsm
    Realtime computer program and love it!!!!!!!!
  8. by   Cherry Ames Peds RN
    We use eSIS and it's pretty good, although a bit clunky at times. All my daily logs go in there and it's easy to retrieve data. Health info and immunizations are also in eSIS. I do have a paper log for medication records.

    Apparently my district is keeping this system for one more year and then going to a different computer system.
  9. by   AdobeRN
    Our district uses E-school - has a "medical" section to it where I can keep track of visits, immunizations, meds etc.
  10. by   Dimple58
    We also use Skyward to chart student visits, parent calls, consultations. Also chart screenings, immunizations, medications now starting this year. Usually it's difficult to get Skyward support and have to tele-conference with nurse health meetings when a problem is noticed among the group.