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becoming a cna hello, I am new to this nursing forum and i have a couple of questions mind u i am a premed student not a nursing student. I was just wondering how do u become a cna and what does... Read More

  1. by   bedpan
    Med student huh?

    Bet you are going to be a great doctor to work with
  2. by   Havin' A Party!
    "La la, la la, la la, la la, la... means I love you..."

    I love that tune!
  3. by   chris_at_lucas_RN

    First, the "gross" in gross anatomy doesn't mean "gross" like yucky, you dork, it means gross as in not-microscopic.

    Second, who are you to come into a nursing forum, plant yourself out there making arrogant, judgmental remarks and then snap at people who cared enough to actually give you support and encouragement?

    I actually DID go to med school (didn't flunk out, either) and have chosen nursing because I enjoy it. You don't seem to care about people in general. Look how you are treating the people on this thread!

    Dealing with humanity ought to be the least of your concerns. No matter what field you go into, you won't do as well or give as much, because you don't care about other people.

    Since you are here, and since you are talking about volunteering ("because it is a requirement of med school," not because you want to help anyone but yourself), you ought to do yourself and the world a favor and take a little time to become a little bit human yourself.

    Please do keep us posted on your progress and location. I for one do not wish to EVER be treated by you or work with you.

    I'm sure there's a mutual fund or investment firm looking for a guy just like you.....
  4. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    How did this thread get into "school nursing" anyway?

    Do you suppose Mr. MD2B thought "school nursing" was the same as "nursing school?"

    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
  5. by   mrdoc2005
    Just wanted to say think you. I was in Med school for 1 year and decided I wanted more Pt. time. So, here I am in my 3rd year of nursing school.

    I may someday return to med school but, I will never be like our friend INNYC28. I will say that when I was 20 or so I could not understand the idea of cleaning someone and thinking that it was a thing of respect. As we all know there is something about when a pt looks you in the eyes when they can not speek. You know that they want to say thank you.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Closing thread as duplicate post in general discussion area.