Rural Nursing Resources

  1. I have been wanting to get this started for some time - a rural nursing resource sticky that would (hopefully) contain links to rural resources from around the globe.

    Here is the first link - appropriately to wound care and suturing.

    Please feel free to add to this any appropriate resources on rural education and pratitioner issues common to rural nurses.
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  3. by   Ted
    Thank you, Gwenith, for posting this!

  4. by   gwenith
    i have posted this over in the paediatric nursing section but i think it is such a good overall resource that i want to include it here as well.

    this link has been disabled by the source and the handbook appears to be no longer available which is a real pity.

    hospital handbook the 1999 edition of the children's hospital handbook is no longer available via this site. the 2004 edition of the children's hospital handbook is now available online; via ciap for users with access, such as nsw health or nsw public hosp...
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  6. by   fergus51
    Oooh, ooh! Me too! I know this isn't technically rural, but rural in Canada often means a larger native population and the connections (links) from this website are great. Unfortunately Canada seems to be way behind Australia when it comes to rural nursing resources.

    Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada

    Oooh, and a jobs website through healthcanada is kinda cool too
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  7. by   gwenith
    I just knew there HAD to be more Canadian Rural Nursing links than what I was digging up!!! Thanks Fergus!
  8. by   fergus51
    LOL! I'll make it my mission in life to dig up more and add them to my last post I actually only had that site because i went to a job fair a month ago and the northern jobs were amazing! Great pay, sounded very exciting, but I am not going anywhere colder than here, thank you very much/
  9. by   nihilobstat
    Gwenith, a few of those links are dead.
    Great idea, I'll add some I've collected soon