UCONN vrs URI please help!

  1. I am currently applying to nursing school and I am having trouble deciding between URI and UCONN. I already have a BS in Animal Science from URI with a 3.7 GPA, and (from what others have told me that did the same thing) If you already have a degree from URI and are in good standing all it takes is minor paper work to be accepted into the nursing program.

    My problem is the UCONN program is accelerated and I would be done in about a year, but I would not be able to work at all during that time. Would it be worth it to take it slower at URI and work as a CNA/SN on the side? Is is true that it is easier for a new nurse to find a job if they have CNA/SN experience? As far as the educational experience will I be getting the same from either university?
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    I'm not familiar with either programs, but I would suggest going slower at the state school and getting a student nurse intern position once you've done your med/surg clinicals. Becoming a CNA in the hospital would be a great experience as well. All of my classmates that were CNAs in the hospitals or student nurse interns ended up with jobs not long after graduation! I wasn't able to do either and am still looking for work lol. Plus, I feel the CNAs/interns have an advantage in clinical because they are already familiar with the system of things in the acute care setting. Not to mention, they can form relationships with the nurse managers who will remember them and recommend them when they apply for RN positions later on.
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    Thank you for your advice
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    I'm in the 4 year program at UConn which is great but I honestly think the accelerated program is rushed and I'm not even sure you come out with a BSN.. I could be wrong. You WANT a BSN so if you can get that from URI then go there.

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