To Those accepted to CCRI Nursing

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    Hello fellow posters

    I have some questions for those of you who are in the nursing program, or accepted
    to the nursing program at any of the campuses at CCRI.

    What semester did you apply for? When did you hear you had been accepted?
    What did the acceptance letter say?

    I ask because I had a question on my recently submitted application
    to CCRI for the Day Nursing program this fall at the Providence campus.
    The admissions person is on vacation so I called and talked to someone
    in the Office of Enrollment Services. She asked me some questions and
    then after looking at my file said that it said I had been accepted. She said
    she didn't want to give me any other details as not to give me false information/hope
    and that I really needed to speak to the admissions person to find out what was going on.

    I put my in application back in May and asked admissions at that time
    if they needed anyone for the Fall at the Providence campus and he said they had
    everyone they needed and would put my application in for next spring. I am now very
    curious if he did indeed put through my application for the Fall and I am actually accepted. I have
    not heard a word from them until I called today to inquire and now I'm jumping
    out of my skin with anticipation that I might actually get to start this fall.

    Anyone else have any light to shed on their experience? I would love to hear it.

    Thanks and I appreciate any responses!
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    Did you try logging into pipeline and seeing what your information said? Or maybe trying to register for a fall nursing class to see if it will accept you? Good luck! Sounds promising!
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    Hi MrsPeep

    I have tried both of what you've said. I'm still listed in Pipeline with my major as General and I have
    tired to register and it still says Restriction Nursing Major.

    I'm hoping I can get admissions on the phone soon to find out for sure
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    What a pain! I hope you can get some answers soon! Keep us posted!
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    I just recieved a call and email from the admissions officer at lincoln. I wasn't home when she called but she said to call her back. I can't wait to hear what she will say tomoroow.
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    Lets us know what she says for sure. I'm curious if they are now starting to accept more people.
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    Just an update to anyone who's reading..

    I went to the Providence campus yesterday and spoke with someone in admissions. She
    actually knew who I was because she had my application sitting on her desk. She had called
    my information up in the computer and while she was back at her desk getting my application
    the girl(student) at the counter looked at the computer screen and said to me "Oh yeah, it does
    say that you're accepted" The admissions lady brought over my application and it was highlighted
    where I had checked Providence/Fall, Nursing/Day on my application. I had told them to change
    it to Lincoln/Sping if there was no chance of me getting in in Providence this fall. They are supposed
    to email me back to let me know for sure what is going on. I have been sitting on pins ALL DAY waiting
    for an email that I'm sure won't arrive today! I figure I'll give it until tomorrow before I call them back.

    I really really hate this waiting game!
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    I just got a call from admissions at Lincoln today. I was accepted for the Spring semester! Good luck to you guys! Hopefully you'll hear good news soon!
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    Congratulations MrsPeep!!

    I'm thinking I'm in the same boat since I've been told twice now(not officially) that my file
    says Accepted. If I'm actually accepted for the Spring in Lincoln, I'll be seeing you in class!

    I'll post as soon as I know for sure.
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    Thank you! Definitely keep me posted!!!

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