To Those accepted to CCRI Nursing

U.S.A. Rhode Island


Hello fellow posters

I have some questions for those of you who are in the nursing program, or accepted

to the nursing program at any of the campuses at CCRI.

What semester did you apply for? When did you hear you had been accepted?

What did the acceptance letter say?

I ask because I had a question on my recently submitted application

to CCRI for the Day Nursing program this fall at the Providence campus.

The admissions person is on vacation so I called and talked to someone

in the Office of Enrollment Services. She asked me some questions and

then after looking at my file said that it said I had been accepted. She said

she didn't want to give me any other details as not to give me false information/hope

and that I really needed to speak to the admissions person to find out what was going on.

I put my in application back in May and asked admissions at that time

if they needed anyone for the Fall at the Providence campus and he said they had

everyone they needed and would put my application in for next spring. I am now very

curious if he did indeed put through my application for the Fall and I am actually accepted. I have

not heard a word from them until I called today to inquire and now I'm jumping

out of my skin with anticipation that I might actually get to start this fall.

Anyone else have any light to shed on their experience? I would love to hear it.

Thanks and I appreciate any responses!

Good Luck to both of you...



Hey MrsPeep

Just curious. Did you take your pre-reqs in Lincoln?

Since it sounds more and more like I'm also going to be in the Spring 2010

class, just curious if we had any classes together.

I did take all my pre-reqs in Lincoln. Anatomy, Intro to Health Careers, and Developmental Psych in Fall '08, Dosage and Physiology in Spring '09, and Micro during the first summer semester. How about you?

Another update...

I talked to admissions again today. They told me that I am all set for acceptance

to Lincoln's day program for Spring 2010!!!! I'm super excited :)

He said they won't be sending out official acceptance letters for probably

another month or even longer, until the nursing department gives them the

ok to do so.

He also said that the waiting list is officially cleared out and they are really

having a hard time trying to fill next Spring. He said they are 90% sure they

are going to have another open enrollment period around October and it will

be good for next Spring.

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