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    I am taking a few last pre-reqs so that I can apply to the nursing program hopefully Spring 2010. I am currently taking Anatomy at RIC and it is!!!!!
    It is 16 weeks of information crammed into 6 weeks! I am struggling. Although I am ahead of the schedule as far as reading I am having trouble "commiting" it to memory! I have a stack about an inch thick of flashcards and that is only for one chapter! Our first test covers 8 chapters!
    I feel inept and like I am never going to "get it"!
    Just wanted to vent! Any nurses here that can give me some tips. I am afraid...if I can't handle Anatomy how can I handle Micro and Physiology!

    Any tips! I am so nervous for our lab test....if I had a word bank i could ace it but it just doesn't work that way! Looking at the list of bones to know, I can walk up to the skeleton and point them out (most of them) but to walk up to a table full of bones with pointers pointng to a random spot/bone....I don't know!

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    Anatomy is by far the toughest course! After you make it through this, you can make it through anything. I give you a lot of credit for tackling it over the summer. The following website totally helped me to quiz myself

    You should also see if your professor has any recommendations for websites/resources that will help you study and commit things to memory. Would you be able to study with your classmates? I know being part of a study group helped me immensely. I was able to retain much more while going over things with others. Good luck to you!
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    sorry i have no idea how anatomy is taught in ric.

    but at ccri liston campus anatomy is taught regionally and not by body systems. what helped me do well on the labs was going to extra lab every week (1x or 2x) and having great lab partners . one of us would take pics of the cat and the other would come prepared with labels already written which gave us time to go over every details testing each other over and over again. also they gave us a sheet that we were to fill out with the muscles. i never did. to time consuming but the following website helped . you can print a full view with the origin and insert!!!! it even shows animations.

    i hope this helps and good luck to you and dont give up!!!

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    Out of the those three courses (Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology) I personally found Anatomy to be the most difficult. In my opinon, Physiology was very easy and Microbiology was somewhat difficult but a piece of cake compared to Anatomy.

    So anyways, here are my tips for Anatomy... For lecture you need to take good notes and commit to studying at least a little bit every night. For lab you need to make sure you are an active participant, which means that you need to be the one doing the dissecting of the cat as well as making any notes or diagrams to help you remember where things are located and take advantage of extra lab hours that are available to you because you will really need them. Unfortunately what makes it worse for you is that your doing it in the summer which means you really have to cram a lot of material into a short amount of time. If you need any help just let us know. Good luck and keep going!

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    Thank you for posting this website. I am also trying to take Anatomy this summer. Thank you for this. This website is great. Carla
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    I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling! I actually did better in Anatomy than in Physio and Micro. The way I was successful was to simply be repetitive. I would rewrite ALL of my notes after each lecture which helped sink in the material. I also stayed late at the labs to review. Two weeks before practicals I would go into the lab a few extra days per week to review even more. (And I wouldn't leave until I knew the stuff!)

    It's a matter of locating the nerves/bones/muscles, etc, over and over again, until you can do it without any issue. I spent a LOT of time studying for that class, including looking up videos and practice quizzes. I must say, though, being in RIC's nursing program has me stressed out far worse than any prereq class every did.
    Good can do it!
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    My first Lab practicum is tomorrow! I feel pretty good about it though! Wish me luck!
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    Quote from tamaraglennon
    My first Lab practicum is tomorrow! I feel pretty good about it though! Wish me luck!

    GOOD LUCK! If you have a good feeling then I'm sure it will go smoothly! Let us know how you make out.
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    Best of luck on your practical! I'm sure you'll do well, and afterwards you'll feel like you have a much better idea of how things are going to be set up and you'll know how to focus your study efforts!!! Keep us posted!
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    Well everyone, I scored 100% on the lab exam!
    Today was the lecture exam and I scored 76% I am SOOOO frustrated! I studied my butt off! (3-4 hours each day, I read the chapters 3-4 times, took the quizzes at the end of the chapters, had a study group) What is SO frustrating is when he presents the materials in the lecture it is very straight forward, easy to understand but when it came time for the test his questions were worded completely different. Obviously he can't make the tests like a 1st grade vocabulary test but geezzzz the wordage was all out of sorts and had things in there that we didn't even cover in lecture or wasn't even on our study guide!

    Ok vent over, I am getting off the floor and going for a drink!

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