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I am taking a few last pre-reqs so that I can apply to the nursing program hopefully Spring 2010. I am currently taking Anatomy at RIC and it is!!!!! It is 16 weeks of information... Read More

  1. by   MrsPeep
    Congrats! That is an amazing score for a lab practical! I agree with the others that it might be easier to redirect your studying now that you've seen his format. Good luck!
  2. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    Quote from tamaraglennon
    Well everyone, I scored 100% on the lab exam!
    Today was the lecture exam and I scored 76% I am SOOOO frustrated! I studied my butt off! (3-4 hours each day, I read the chapters 3-4 times, took the quizzes at the end of the chapters, had a study group) What is SO frustrating is when he presents the materials in the lecture it is very straight forward, easy to understand but when it came time for the test his questions were worded completely different. Obviously he can't make the tests like a 1st grade vocabulary test but geezzzz the wordage was all out of sorts and had things in there that we didn't even cover in lecture or wasn't even on our study guide!

    Ok vent over, I am getting off the floor and going for a drink!
    Wow 100% that is amazing. I wonder if even two of my lab grades added together could equal 100% I did pretty well in lecture but didn't do so well in lab so my best advice is to keep doing whatever you did for lab and just try to do your best in lecture. Good luck!

  3. by   nkara
    congrats on the grades you did get and don't beat yourself up over it. Some people just don't test well. Maybe your second guessing yourself?

    I'm nervous about this class as well. Not sure when I'll take it. I'm going to have to pysch myself up for the dissecting the cat... ugh!
  4. by   Luois89
    Thanks for the links they will come in handy in my up coming lab test.

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