stressors in clinicals

  1. I have yet another question! I wonder if anyone who has attended or is attending the nursing program at CCRI knows if there are employee assistance programs in place at the clinical sites. I can imagine that there might some stress with dealing with life and death as well as with difficult instructors. If there are such programs, I would like to know if they are completely confidential.

    Thank you in advance for your info and reassurances.
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  3. by   Morainey
    Do you mean for students or for employees at the clinical sites?

    If you mean students, there's nothing like that. You can talk to your clinical instructor and classmates about your concerns though, most other students are very supportive and understanding.
  4. by   erinberrin
    Hello. I took my CNA classes at CCRI. It is a tough, wonderful program. I dont think there are any job postings around. When I was in class we would all kind of share if we had seen a good employment ad in the paper..I say the best bet is to just go to your local nursing homes or hospitals and apply where you think you will be most comfortable. That is what I did. It takes a while, then I got lucky and one place finally is giving me a chance..which I hope to start this weekend. I had tried homecare before that and it was terrible...for me experience with it was not good. So good luck to you with finding a it they old fashioned way and just walk right in and fill out an application.
  5. by   erinberrin
    I can sympathise about they instructors...they are tough and it is a unforgivable standard..kind of..but well worth it.

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