Rhode Island College ABSN questions!

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    Hello everyone, I am looking into ABSN programs in MA and RI. The only one in RI that I could find is at RIC. Unfortunately, I haven't found much information on the program on the website or forums. I was wondering if anyone has applied to RIC or went through the program? The website only lists 3 prerequisites, and has a recommended plan of study rather than an actual plan. I would love to know how tough admissions is, and if I stand a chance? I'm finishing up my BA in psychology with a 3.3. The first 3 semesters were rough for me, but since then I've maintained between a 3.3 and 3.9 for each semester GPA (while working in the psych field full time).

    If anyone can shed ANY light onto the admissions process or the program itself that would be great, I'm desperate!

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    Moved to RI State Nursing Programs Forum
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    Did you ever find out any more info about the RIC ABSN program?

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