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    I am in dire need for some websites, fact sheets, etc to help me with nursing math. I took pharmacology and passed with a B about 2 terms ago. We (my class) has not had a lot of math since then but now the rumor is for our summer class we will have to take a math test that we must past. The thing is I have never been good at math and I did do it before but my mind has went blank to how I even got the problems right before. I need help in remembering this. I am an A B student and I do not want to leave school over math problems.:spin:

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    Dosage Calculations: a Ration-Proportion Approach by Gloria D. Pickar is very good. I had the first edition and liked it, but I understand there is a newer edition out now. It starts out with basic math and works you up to med math. Very easy to understand.
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    Ratio and Proportion does work, but it is confusing try this:

    My favorite web page about Dimensional Analysis.

    I still don't understand why they teach don't teach both dimensional analysis and ratio. Ratio is easier to use for certain weight based questions.

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    just my 2 cents. dont use D over H x's Q. Use the ratio and you can never go wrong

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