Goodbye Fall Semester '09 :)

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    I took my last final this morning, and I am now a 4th semester nursing student! It's been a stressful few months with ATI's and all, but I ended up passing both of them (psych and maternity) in the 99th percentile!
    I'm ready to spend winter break with my family and then tackle the end of my junior year.....Med/Surg I & Pedi

    Anyone else in little rhody finishing the semester this week???
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    Goodbye, indeed!

    LOL! I'm happy for you! That's great that you're going to start your fourth semester! As a first semester RN student, it's been hell! Yet, it's been all worth it. I'm super excited to start my second semester in January 2010. I'll definitely be a better student and more studious than ever! Anyways, yes I'm so excited it's finally over with for a while. Congrats on moving ahead! I hope to be there by next year. Take care!

    CoffeeDrinkin'BJ :smilecoffeecup:
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    And congrats to you on the completion of your first semester! Best of luck with the second!
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    I'm glad the semester is over too!! Definitely need a break! I'm on to Med/Surg I as well for the Spring semester.
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    Amen!!! I've been done since last week and thank goodness because I was just FRIED!!!! So happy to be concentrating on my family and making some money

    Hope you all have a great break and a great holiday!!!

    Looking forward to my 4th semester!!!
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