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It is my 4th year at RIC. I have applied once to the nursing program. I was not able to get a seat because they couldn't accommodate me. I have everything finished, I mean everything. I have more than 90 credits. I only have the... Read More

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    Ooops, I forgot to ask you Chris.....what classes are you in? I have Foote mon/wed 8am then Aflague mon/wed after Foote's class (930 am I think?).

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    Quote from GreenEyesRI
    I agree, we make some good counselors! :chuckle My first name is Lauren (last name begins with a C and is very Italian..haha) ...add me on facebook if you're on there so we can keep in touch about school stuff. I really cannot wait to start this thing! Yes, I am also going to join SNA. I'm taking the TEAS on Aug 26th then staying for the student nurse info session after....are you doing this also?
    I do have Facebook but I can't seem to find your name under a search. You can send me a message on AIM and I will tell you my full name and see if you can find it on Facebook. I was going to take the TEAS test on the Thurs. 28 but I suppose I can take it on Tues. 26 instead of Thursday, it doesn't really matter. I haven't submitted my paper yet for my class preference because I am delivering it by hand along with my background check tomorrow. I put down that I wanted Foote from 8 - 9:20 AM on M,W followed by Aflague from 9:30 - 10:50 on M,W. I wanted to do this order because my friends in the program say that sitting through Aflague's class early in the morning on a test day for Foote's class is like torture. Most of them agree that Aflague's class is easier to do after Foote's class. I have to admit this is the first time in a long time that I have been actually excited for school which is pretty far out.

    AIM (cjcsoon2brn)
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    Well said Greeneyes.... you are right we have ALL worked very hard even though we have taken different paths and I agree that no one deserves it more than another. Chris & Lauren you guys are great - and would definately make good counselors!!! I'll be your client if you decide to get a job on the side Thanks for all your time/advice/listening!!! Good luck w/school!!!!

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    Hi there,
    I am a complete newbie to this website but so far I am loving it! Could someone help me here? I am a transfer student (29 yo) but need to take my "core pre-reqs" All chems, a few Bio's and A & P. I am taking all of those at Ric. If I do well in those classes what are my chances of getting admitted? I am not working so I will be attending full time. Oh and I will be transferring 48 credits! My GPA coming stinks! But I am 10 yrs older, paying 100% out of pocket so I am defintly more motivated to acheive this dream!

    Here is the problem. I completely SUCk at math and chem. Luckily my hubby doesn't so he can help! DO I have a shot in hell at this? Is there a wait list and when would the soonest be to apply for the nursing program?
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