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Campus for nursing??

  1. 0 I will soon be done with my pre-requisites for the nursing program at CCRI and I was just wondering, out of the four campus's (lincoln, knight, liston and newport) which is the better one to take the program at?

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    I don't think it really matters to be perfectly honest. I could be wrong but I doubt that it really matters. The one who is closest to where you live would probably be the best.

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    I dont think anyone can answer the question. Students go to one campus for nursing, hence they don't know about the others.
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    Thank you guys! Some just say that at certain campus's there are teachers that teach the program better by getting the information to everyone easier. I was just looking to see where people may have taken the program at and what their experiances had been.
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    Hi there!
    I'm starting nursing I in a couple of weeks at the Lincoln campus. I think a lot of the same instructors travel between campuses and teach at all of them. So you're pretty much getting the same instructors at each. That being said, I've done all of my pre-reqs at Lincoln, and I love it for it's convenient location and there's always plenty of parking.
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    Thank you MrsPeep, I did take some pre-requisites at the lincoln campus and liked it alot!
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    I graduated from CCRI last May. It really doesn't matter what campus you go to. The instructors travel to each campus since they are so short staffed. I went to the Lincoln campus. There nursing lab is pretty good, and I spent a large portion of my time studying there. I can tell you that some of the level one instructors at the Lincoln campus are very tough, but I think that is the same everywhere. Good luck!
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    Thank you jmdallacosta! im think im going to apply to the Lincoln campus. I took clases there before and liked the school alot! Hope everything is well!

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