Additional Application Period at CCRI

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    hey guys sorry i didnt post this sooner

    "please note: one additional application period will be available for the *nursing program:

    october 1 through november 2, 2009"

    "i wish to apply to the nursing program in the application periods that start february 2 and may 26. what criteria will be considered for potential admission to the program?
    • in addition to the admission requirements, applications will be considered through a competitive process and includes the following criteria:

      • exceptional (b- or above) grades in biol 1010, biol 1020, and heal 1060
      • cumulative gpa (2.7 or better)
      • accuplacer reading score of (90 or above)
      • teas test scores of (50th percentile or above) "
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    Thanks for posting this crazensweet.
    I was told by admissions a couple of months ago they were probably going to have this additional application period. They are really struggling to get enough applicants for next Spring.

    Someone in Lincoln told me they only had 10 applicants for the evening program and 5 applicants for the day program. Unless you just don't meet the criteria at all...I think most people will get in.

    Unless a miracle occurs and I get in this fall, I'll be in the day program at Lincoln next Spring!
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    I'm glad that they are having trouble finding students. Hopefully this will force them to lower their teas scores, number of pre reqs, ecetera. ASN programs are supposed to be two years. With their pre reqs at CCRI, it takes at least three semesters right there(sequence of science classes), so it takes at least 3 1/2 years for a so called two year degree. That needs to change. And nursing instructors won't be able to brag able how so many people want your seat, how easily your replacable.
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    hate to burst any of your bubbles but they are not having any problems finding applicants for there rn program, In fact they still have a waiting list of people that they are having to place in these program.
    :heartbeatTRICIA RN:heartbeat
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    that's true nurse2009
    I did hear it depends on which of the 4 campuses though and day or evening
    Lincoln is still going through their list
    I'm in no hurry and may change my major
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    it does not matter on the campus they have a huge waiting list. The night program has a longer list than the day.
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    Maybe once upon a time that was true. But the fact that they are continually posting open nursing enrollment dates speaks of another story
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    boy you really are delusional well go ahead and believe that if you like. let me know in a few years when you finally get in and maybe pass because there is a high failure rate not just in this school in all nursing schools.
    were i went to school we started with 60 and only graduated 29 but we all passed the boards first time to.
    :heartbeatTricia RN:heartbeat
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    Gee, you must work for CCRI. LOL
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    You'll get in and you'll do just fine!!!
    It's so sad that some nurses do "eat there young"
    And hope

    Ps I work at ccri

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