Yes, you can go back. I did!

  1. I just posted in the Geriatric and LTC forum. I wanted to be in a SNF because I am a passionate genealogist and I knew that if I ever went back to nursing, I would have to be with The Greatest Generation (Although some day they will be gone and I will have the Baby Boomers, etc.)

    I have 30 patients on each side of the floor. I was hired FT 3-11 and will end up on the desk in charge eventually but I wanted to pass meds to refresh myself, get to know the people, knew equipment, protocols, and lose the 40 pounds I gained working at a desk. On the first day I thought "I don't know if I can do this."

    Last night was my 13th shift. I count narcs, pass meds, including 2 g-tubes, do the dining room, take lunch, pass meds, do treatments/dressings, house report, charting, computer charting, clean the cart up, restock, count narcs again, give report, and last night I actually did it all, alone, and left on time. I also have a little time when doing treatments to chat with the residents about their life history which is why I wanted this job.

    I had to take a medication test for the job. There were 100 questions, T/F, multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, and I got 95 right. Everyone has told me from the third day on I was doing fine, that I just needed confidence.

    Two weeks ago I wondered what the hell I was doing, now I am glad I made the decision to treat my RA with Enbrel and get my life back.

    Good luck. It can be done without a refresher course if you were textbook smart in school. I went to college from 1993-1997 and I felt like a new grad all over again!
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  3. by   suzy253
    Sounds great! I too, love working with the Greatest Generation and at my hospital there is a large geriatric I work telemetry.
    Thanks for sharing your story!
  4. by   Grace Oz
    Good for you!
    Wishing you all the very best.
    Just an aside ............... us baby boomers aren't such a bad mob! lol
  5. by   didmybit
    Sounds exhausting. I'll stay retired thank-you.
  6. by   iwanna

    Your post is inspirational! I am returning back to nursing after being on a 4 yr. hiatus d/t health issues. I am now stabilized on meds. I have looked into refresher course and will go that route as a last resort. Only, for the reason that it is 80 miles from me and no housing assistance is provided. The course is for 10 weeks. I truly would love the clinical experience, however. But, I put the refresher course on the back burner for now. I am currently seeking jobs, just in the field that I know. I only have experience in behavioral health. However, I have worked geri-psych. I am applying for all types of positions. I have applied for dr. offices', prison nursing, and recently have considered agency. I don't believe that I have the clinical skills to work hospital jobs, however, I feel experienced enough for the behavioral health jobs.

    I have been taking courses through the western schools online. Also, have been reviewing my pharmacology and Nclex book.
    My situation has been a bit of a challenge. As, I only have about 5 1/2 yrs. experience as a nurse before going on disability. Also, I am looking for per-diem or PT as my disability insurance will continue to pay for me for one yr., and then I am expected to work FT or else deal with the pay difference. My sister told me that there was clinic job that I would have a good chance of getting if I applied. However, it is FT, and I wold forfiet my disability. I just think it is wise to go into slowly, too. As, I am not cured, but stable with meds. I know my limitations, and now that means PT.

    But, your post is very promising. At least, you are still young enough to get more experience. I am at age of 51. I didn't get my LPN until I was 40. In fact, I started out to be RN, but my illness interrupted that plan. However, I am content being LPN. Nursing in genral is very rewarding.
    Best wishes to you.


  7. by   80sNurse
    props are due: 5+ years is a lot of experience! And you haven't been away that long! Don't be discouraged if you can't find work right away... you're way more "fresh" than those of us who've been away WAAAy longer!