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Hello, I've been unemployed since June-July, up till now. I thought there would always be a need for nurses. In the 80's hospitals were recruiting like crazy, talking about the nursing shortage... Read More

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    I am very happy to report back, I got hired on with Humana. From 1997 until 2004, that has been my experience, with HMO's, Aetna and Kaiser Permenante. I am so grateful to work with Humana, after nobody else would hire me, only a nursing home. shame shame shame.....But our God is awesome. Good luck to the rest of my sista's re-entering the workforce, keep at it.
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    The nursing jobs are in ICU or ER and abundantly in travel nursing
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    Quote from diamondeye
    ... for the older nurses posting who can't get employed, atleast your age is protected and if you feel you aren't hired because of your age, you can report them to the EEOC...
    From friends in the biz... it's a huge undertaking and extremely difficult to win these types of complaints.

    And the negative publicity associated with such a suit will likely not endear one to many future employers.
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    Quote from diamondeye
    These limitations that are out of my controll are what get me so sad and depressed. I dont have any DUIs, I am not a drug user, I don't have a criminal record, yet the board was so excessive. Not to mention the stigma associated with *stipulation* *encumbered*. I got a stipulated license because a patient under my care fell. He hurt his head, and because of that, I have board monitoring, can't work at home health, can't work agency or telemarketing, and have to work under another RN.
    Working under another RN doesn't help when I apply to work at NH, since they usually have so many LVNs.
    I understand the board is in place to protect patients, but seriously, I am a very caring and patient focused nurse.
    So disapointed.

    take another look at LTC! we all are trying to increase our star ratings with DADs...... the nursing home I am the DON at actually has two other RNs working full time, besides me...on the day shift......even if they had no other RN, the DON is an RN you can satisfy your stipulations with of luck to you

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