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The Unemployed RN - page 5

Hello, I've been unemployed since June-July, up till now. I thought there would always be a need for nurses. In the 80's hospitals were recruiting like crazy, talking about the nursing shortage... Read More

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    EwaAnn LOL...Jackpot...yes.
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    Quote from NursesRmofun
    EwaAnn LOL...Jackpot...yes.
    So did you hit the jackpot NursesRmofun? Sounds like it.
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    Just liked the wording in "jackpot"...haven't called yet to see if there is a jackpot in it. lol
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    My advice network, network, network in my part of the world it is not what is listed down on your application , although a BSN is minimum level for consideration...however if you know someone who knows someone who works at the facility you are interested in working in you will have a definite advantage and you need that advantage...recently my large hospital had a RN job fair and only 30 openings...however had over 700 applicants.
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    I've been an RN since '84 and am currently job hunting. I made the mistake of resigning from a f/t job for a Home-based contract position. Unfortunately, the agency I was working through didn't get the contract. So, while job hunting and no reliable car I took a retail position within walking distance to support myself and my teenage daughter. I renewed my license, but need to re-cert BCLS/ACLS which I plan to do in the next couple of weeks when a class opens up. I have over 9 yrs working Psych and the rest ICU and Tele. Feeling very frustrated. Thought my experience would be an asset!?!