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I've been thinking about taking a refresher course because I have been a SAHM for almost 5 years. My husband is in the military so until my kids are all in school, it's just too difficult to return to work at this time, even... Read More

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    Quote from Elizabeth1
    I've been thinking about taking a refresher course because I have been a SAHM for almost 5 years. My husband is in the military so until my kids are all in school, it's just too difficult to return to work at this time, even PRN. When you move every 1-3 years it makes it pretty difficult.

    Anyway, has anybody ever taken a refresher course, but not done the clinical portion? I'm wondering if it is a huge waste of my time or if it's worth it to keep updated on current information. I can do the entire refesher online, but obviously clincial hours are all in a hospital / clinic setting. Once again, I run into problems with my husband's career.

    Any opinions?

    Also, does anyone else feel like they could still go right back to nursing with no problem after 5 years? I swear, I have not forgotten a thing. I think it's terrible that we are considered unemployable after 5 years
    A gf of mine was in your situation, military wife too. She did take a refresher course WITH the clinical. She said it was def worth it. The course work was super easy, basically a refresher. No grades. Just "pass" with an 80. Keep testing until you pass, but so easy you'd pass the first time.

    She said clinicals were worth doing just for the changes in charting. Her class was through a community college. They scheduled the clinicals on four weekends in a row and had an on-site instructor. I think others use preceptors and if you do "on line" you have to find your own preceptor (yikes!), just depends on the set up.

    She told me she was mostly surprised at how much technology had changed. Charting was completely computerized now. No paper at all. Everything else pretty much the same. She was offered a job at the same hospital where she did the clinicals at -- as were 3/4ths of her fellow students.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have also looked into refresher courses. I was on the State licensing site the other week and reading Board minutes. There were four areas of knowledge (in our state) where they were requiring nurses to get CEUs before reinstatement after time lapse without practice. I was also active as a domestic violence/sexual assault advocate a while back, so I spent time in the hospital without the pressure of being "on duty" and responsible. Helped me, over time, become acclimated to the environment and flow. Maybe anyone that actually goes through and completes a refresher course can post what it was like and what, if anything, it seemed to lack.
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    I can share with you my experience. I took my course in Kansas. It is expensive, difficult but possible. For the clinical hours I made a phone call to a hospital and spoke with the education coordinator and that was that. I would exercise caution about who will precept you. This was the only problem I ran into I was offered ED dt my backround, when I went to the hospital I was given a nurse who had graduated 2 years prior with an attitude. That was a nightmare! FLTNRSE2
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    I see your post was back in 2011. What did you decide? Does anyone ever go back to Floor nursing after being out of it for 10 yrs?
    Let me know thanks.
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    Hi all,
    I am currently doing a RN refrsher..finishing up the theory portion, then the skills (3 day-- travel to the univ) then 146 hours of clinical at a hospital of your choice plus aids/hiv course, cpr, immunizations..its pretty intense..After 12 years away from nursing, I only want to do public health..not sure if I want to be a staff nurse at a hospital...where are you guys plannign to work after a refresher..I feel home health might not work for me since I quit pretty early in my nursing career only 1 year..
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    Wow, it's been a long time since I've been on here. Someone asked me if I ever went back to floor nursing. Unfortunately, I have not. I think about it EVERY DAY and miss it so much. I never thought I would say those words. We are now living in a rural community with almost no opportunity for me to go back to nursing. I have not taken a refresher, but have been throwing around the idea of going back to school to become a nurse practitioner. Since we are stuck here for a while, I feel like I should make use of my time. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm as lost today as I was last year, but I'm really hoping that I'll still be able to return some day.
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    I also left nursing 4 yrs. ago to support my husband who is an Air Force NP and to raise my 3 boys. I have been researching RN refresher courses as well. Personally I really want the clinical component to the course. I am worried I have forgotten so much of the hands on stuff as well. Being military with little kids is hard. Hang in there sister warrior!
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    Thanks for the response. I forgot all about this post. Just an update, my husband is now out of the military. I had been out of nursing for 7 years. I took a refresher course, but decided to forego the clinical portion due to cost. I was able to find a job, no problem. I have been working for 3 months now and I'm amazed at how the skills were all still there. Once I was doing it all again, it was like riding a bike. Not much has changed. You still care for patients the same way. It is possible to go back and succeed. I hope this will help others not lose hope. Good luck!

    Wanted to add, I am writing under my new user is. I couldn't remember my old one...LOL!
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