MIchigan or Florida?

  1. I am moving soon, to either west coast of Michigan,
    west coast of Florida.

    I am an RN in my 50s, and have 30+ years of experience, most of it is ICU or E.R., but i have also done home care and hospice. I am wanting to return to home care or hospice.

    I am currently UNemployed, for almost 5 years now,
    and i wonder which of these two states offers the best chance of my not having to work at Subway, and would employ me as an RN.

    My thoughts are, that the west coast of Michigan, being so sparsely populated, might not offer 20 or 30 years worth work for me. (i will have to work well into my golden years) If a job in MI doesn't work out, there aren't as many options left/less healthcare employers to choose from. Not sure that even moving inland to Grand Rapids would have 20 years worth of work for me.

    whereas Florida, being so densely populated, might offer better chances of actually working in my field. Lots of various healthcare employers there.

    I was looking to St Petes, Tampa, or Sarasota areas.

    ANY thoughts or info is much appreciated.


    "hope i don't have to work at McDonalds..."
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  4. by   somenurse
    really? no one has any opinions or thoughts on this question?
  5. by   FLmed
    I'm in St. Pete. There are a lot of jobs available for seasoned and experienced nurses within the greater Tampa Bay area. Some of the hospitals have gone to hiring only BSN, like Tampa General. With that said, there are still many opportunities down here for any nurse who has a lot of experience. Many snowbirds flock down here from Michigan-- lol! They keep us employed.
  6. by   FLmed
    Keep in mind that RN salaries aren't always the best here though. But, we don't have a state income tax either. The housing market is great here too. You get a lot of square footage for your money.
  7. by   somenurse
    what a bummer, that an ASN nurse would probably not be hired. That is becoming more and more common.
  8. by   AlaBro2010
    With your experience, you should be able to get a position here in FL. From what I've been told and experienced, the Tampa Bay Area is tough for jobs. I had a recruiter tell me unless you've got six months recent experience they won't event look at you but I don't really think thats the case. Also, I'm an ADN nurse and in my three month search have only had one phone interview. Good luck!
  9. by   FLmed
    Quote from Jean Marie46514
    what a bummer, that an ASN nurse would probably not be hired. That is becoming more and more common.
    Hi, Jean Marie-- you're right. It is becoming more common. I agree-- it's a bummer. I have my BSN, but many of my friends don't. Any hospital who hired some of my ASN prepared friends would be very lucky. Most of my ASN friends who graduated in May of this year have not been able to find employment. One friend finally secured a job at a SNF. In my area, I didn't say that ASN wouldn't get hired. There are lots of hospitals in my area who will hire ASN. You just need experience coupled with that ASN. The ASN nurse has a difficult time finding a job in this area when they are new and fresh out of school. Tampa General is the only hospital in this area who has the BSN only requirement. With that said, graduate nurse/residency programs prefer taking in BSN prepared new nurses.
  10. by   sl393l
    Where do you live now? I am from Michigan and the west side of the state is beautiful and people move there for the beaches and the summer and the beautiful living conditions. There are mainly smaller community hospitals on the west coast . Grand Rapids has several large hospitals you could work at and still drive home at night to the lake.Muskegon has a bigger hospital as does Traverse City. Michigan and Florida are totally opposite weather wise and I guess it would depend on what kind of weather you like. I think Michigan is beautiful and could never live in florida with it's hot humid weather. The west coast gets a lot more snow, especially lake effect snow which can be measured in feet rather than inches.It depends on what activities you like, the west coast is very touristy during the summer, but much quieter in fall and winter. As far as employment, I always see ads needing nurses in Grand Rapids. I have a friend whose daughter just graduated and had her pick of jobs in Kalmazoo which is more toward the west side of the state. I would investigate both areas before you decide.
  11. by   Orca
    I am a Florida native living in a western state. I looked into returning home. Nursing salaries there are, like most of the South, pathetic. My sister, who is a nurse manager in a major ER in the state, works tons of overtime to match the salary I make leaving at 5:00 every afternoon. As much as going back to Florida appeals to me, I am not willing to seriously downgrade my standard of living in order to make it happen. There is a lower cost of living there than where I am now, but the difference isn't enough to accommodate a one-third reduction in pay.
  12. by   sl393l
    Salaries are much better in Michigan compared to the southern states. Traditionally because Mich is a union state, so salaries are higher. I know cost of living is less in Mich, but not as low as southern states. I live near the thumb of Michigan and the salaries are good. ( Yes, in Michigan we hold our hands up and point to where we live.) If you are looking to live in a city by one of the great lakes, both east and west coasts are nice, the northern coast is beautiful, but a higher cost of living. I think if you lived on the west coast of Michigan, you could enough work for years to come. It is more sparsley populated, but there are people living there year round. Many of the smaller hospital have been bought up by Spectrum, and I now they have a lot of satellite clinics throught the area, the last time I was in South Haven, I saw some. It might be worth a road trip tp check out. Spring and summer are ccoming, and the state just sparkles in the summer.
  13. by   Havin' A Party!
    Yikes! That Michigan weather... not for moi.
  14. by   joe3
    Today is April 6th ........ I just found this forum. WHERE did you choose?

    Nice warm sunny FLORIDA with its low pay?

    OR Cold dark dank MICHIGAN with its better pay?

    A CURIOUS mind in Florida wants to know ..........
  15. by   BrandonLPN
    I'm puzzled as to why you say western Michigan is so "sparsely populated". Compared to what? I think you're a little misinformed. Maybe you're thinking of northern Michigan?

    Grand Rapids, my home town, is a city of over 200,000 people and home to Spectrum Health and Metro hospital which are HUGE employers. Butterworth Hospital (part of spectrum) has a 10 story hospital with something like 1,200 beds. And that's only their main campus. Holland (on the coast) and Kalamazoo have decent sized hospitals. I work in a nursing home that has over 700 beds, one of the largest nursing homes in the country.

    Of course, Id say move to sunny Florida in a heart beat if the wages were