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I am moving soon, to either west coast of Michigan, or west coast of Florida. I am an RN in my 50s, and have 30+ years of experience, most of it is ICU or E.R., but i have also done home care and hospice. I am wanting to... Read More

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    Yikes! That Michigan weather... not for moi.

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    Today is April 6th ........ I just found this forum. WHERE did you choose?

    Nice warm sunny FLORIDA with its low pay?

    OR Cold dark dank MICHIGAN with its better pay?

    A CURIOUS mind in Florida wants to know ..........
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    I'm puzzled as to why you say western Michigan is so "sparsely populated". Compared to what? I think you're a little misinformed. Maybe you're thinking of northern Michigan?

    Grand Rapids, my home town, is a city of over 200,000 people and home to Spectrum Health and Metro hospital which are HUGE employers. Butterworth Hospital (part of spectrum) has a 10 story hospital with something like 1,200 beds. And that's only their main campus. Holland (on the coast) and Kalamazoo have decent sized hospitals. I work in a nursing home that has over 700 beds, one of the largest nursing homes in the country.

    Of course, Id say move to sunny Florida in a heart beat if the wages were
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    ... Id say move to sunny Florida in a heart beat if the wages were
    There's the rub. Very likely, they won't be comparable.

    But many say that's the price you pay for living in Paradise.

    Personally, that cold and snow / ice... forget about it!

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