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Hello Everyone, I am new to A very long story short: I graduated RN school in May 2001. I have taken the NCLEX five times and was unsuccessful. I had tried everything I knew to do... Read More

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    NY is one state that permits "unlimited testing". Most states require a refresher after 3 attempts or 4 years out of school. CA will let you test 8 times a year (or every 45 days) as long as you pay them $150 per attempt plus $200 to Pearson Vue

    All provinces in Canada are 3 attempts and go back to school
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    Curious if there is a lot of pharmacology on the exam?
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    Cpmom wrote one post, more than 4 years ago, so it is now 13 years since graduation.

    if she hasn't come back online by now, I doubt if she ever will
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    Quote from RN6157

    I actually passed with Kaplans. That was my last resort because I did everything. I did Hurst review, a review online that I found called caring4you review, which wasnt very good, and I also used the nclex 4000 cd by lippincott, I failed each time after studying those reviews. Kaplans, in my opinion was the best review because it taught you critical thinking skill and content. I did everything on that website. What kaplan did he do, the live or onine live? I studied that for about 3 months doing everything twice on that website. I also reviewed meds every night watching tv, the classifications and pertinent side effects. I also studied mneumonics for infection control and for electrolyte imbalances. You can search for them at this website, or I will email all of them to him if he wants me too. THey really came in handy to me during the exam, I actually would right them on my board that they give you during the exam with certain questions. I would like to know what his study plan was for kaplans or what hes been doing to study in general to see if hes doing something wrong. Tell him to hang in there, stay positive and focused, he will pass. Trust me, everyone would tell me that, and I would try to agree with them, but in the back of my mind there was always a question mark. Its awful what some people have to go through, but it only with make him a stronger person and a stronger nurse. He will appreciate his job all that much more. God has a reason for everything. Another good book I used was Linda La charity, priority, delagation, and assignment. I purchased that for more questions after I ran out of kaplans questions. Hope this helps, Let me know if he needs help with anything. I know how hard it feels and what hes going through! Good luck!!

    hi... please send me copy of mneumonics you used. please send it to it will be a great help for me.. thanks
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    I'm currently in the same situation. I'm using books and questions from books. I'm also looking for a refresher course in Alabama.
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    Will you please email this to me also?
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    Quote from msdaschcav
    Hi cpmom
    I was in the same boat with you last year. I graduated in 2001 took the test many times and failed. I gave up, started doing other things but I kept thinking about nursing school and what a waste. I finally decided after much prayer to try again. I did questions at first to see what I remembered (not a lot). I then took Kaplan, another review course and worked with a local tutor. I did questions, after questions. thousands of them wherever I could find them. It cost me a whole lot but I was determined to make it happen. I became more motivated after 4months and I took the exam for the 5th and last time in November of 2009 and PASSED.You can and you will. Stay focused and determined and do whatever you feel you have to do to make it happen. Good luck and God bless.
    I am not sure if you are still active here. I'll just take my chance. May I ask in which state you applied to be licensed as an RN? My mom graduated in 2008 and was never licensed. Now, she wants to challenge the NCLEX. However, some states do not allow people to take the NCLEX if so much time has passed.

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