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Hello Everyone, I am new to A very long story short: I graduated RN school in May 2001. I have taken the NCLEX five times and was unsuccessful. I had tried everything I knew to do... Read More

  1. by   charles1976
    Hello Everyone, As I have read all of these posts from page 1-4 I know now that I am not alone. Everyone's posts has encouraged me to start somewhere. This is my story......I graduated in 1998 from Nursing school and i took my test in 98 and then again in 2000. After taking it twice I got very discouraged. Even in shcool I was not that good of a test taker and I think for the most part it was my nerves / anxiety that I always thought I would not do well. I did not graduate with a 3.0 instead a 2.8 but Nursing was my passion. After not passing my test twice I gave up....I recently got married last year but no kids right now but defintely planning. I did want to take this time to get back into it b/c I do love Nursing and know that is what I want to do but the fear of not passing the test again is always in the back of my mind. My husband / family has definitely encourged me to go for it, but their words isn't enough to make me say OK LETS DO IT The first time i took the test I did take the Kaplan but still didn't pass. I thought it was an excellent review and I would def. take it again for review. I think this weekend I will go to Barnes and Noble and purchase my first NCLEX book after 14 years of being out of the field and just start doing questions. I would love to find a refresher course / study group. I am in Atlanta, GA if anyone has any information / suggestions, my heart, mind, body and soul is ready to accept it and move forward....Thank you for reading and listening...I have never expressed this just held it in for so long and if this is the start of a new beginning to being the RN that I have always wanted to be then it feels GREAT! Be Blessed!
  2. by   HighlyFavor2011
    What I found to be very helpful was the NCSBN online course. I paid $50.00 for 3 weeks! Was very very helpful! You can do it ! Have faith and pray!!!
  3. by   chanela
    hi, i just wanna ask if BON california didn't change their policy? so until now the max attempt to pass nclex-rn is still unlimited? do they check the year of graduation, coz i graduated 8 years ago so im thinking they will not allow me anymore to take NCLEX-RN?
    hope someone can enlighten me? thanks in advance...
  4. by   riaraju
    Hi, I am internationaly graduated nurse I took NCLEX -RN 3 time and failed, I studied with KAPLAN, so please some body help me what course i can take to pass RN exam and how study more.
  5. by   cutepinay29
    Took me 4 times to pass. I have test anxiety, and question myself alot. I had to take a remediation course through florida. The best thing i ever did. I finally learned to use my critical thinking skills to decipher questions that were difficult for me. When doing practice questions, i would just answer, and move on. Finally figured out that my first choice was usually the right one. Stay with it. It took me 13 years. I graduated from my nursing program in 1997.
    Hi! I read your post and I too have failed boards 3 times and now need to take a remediation course/clinical in order to be active to take RN boards again. I live in FL too. Just wondering which school/remediation program did u do? How much did it cost? Any advantages/disadvantages to this program you took? I'm lost trying to figure out what school will be best to do remediation. I have no schools around me, so I will need to find an online school. Thanks.
  6. by   tammuning
    Quote from msdaschcav
    Hi cpmom
    I was in the same boat with you last year. I graduated in 2001 took the test many times and failed. I gave up, started doing other things but I kept thinking about nursing school and what a waste. I finally decided after much prayer to try again. I did questions at first to see what I remembered (not a lot). I then took Kaplan, another review course and worked with a local tutor. I did questions, after questions. thousands of them wherever I could find them. It cost me a whole lot but I was determined to make it happen. I became more motivated after 4months and I took the exam for the 5th and last time in November of 2009 and PASSED.You can and you will. Stay focused and determined and do whatever you feel you have to do to make it happen. Good luck and God bless.
    I am in the same situation..graduated 2007. I took my test 10/24/13 and BON not in too many words said that I did it...but waiting in the mail for results ..the reason on my call was telling them that it has been 6yrs and I wanted to know if iv cert is still good they said give my lic to my old school tell my school to send the certificate and I guess that will be it. Just waiting for the results and send the paymen. I live LONG BEACH CA. and I hope my old school will not give me a hard time on sending it..I took a refresh course on the NCLEX...does anyone out their know how it goes in CA. has anyone had a hard time that their old school didnt want to seen your info to the BON..PLEASE NEED SOME INFO...
  7. by   krisiepoo
    i haven't read all the comments, but if you've been out of school for 9 years, how will you be a good nurse now? How would you have retained all that info? Yikes
  8. by   Jazzy_nurse_SF
    Good luck to you all who are retaking your exam!
  9. by   Jazzy_nurse_SF
    To cpmom and the rest of you who have failed and preparing to take the next exam, don't fret your time will come and practice practice practice your questions! Don't let any one or any of these posts question you different. After nursing school and training there is a reason for everything and when you pass you will find your path of what your nursing passion inspired you on. Good luck, and if cpmom ever retook her exam, please keep us posted!
  10. by   JoJoAngel
    cpmom did you ever pass? Any one else who has struggled so long? Prayer go to out to all.
    We should never be critical of others walk. There are so many jobs as a RN that one can be a good nurse after many years after school.
  11. by   Happyjass
    I was in a similar situation like you. I passed my nclex pn on the 4th try, 5 years after graduating. I completely gave up. I thought it would never happen for me. And finally after 5 yrs I decided to try again. What I did was, I gave myself 4 weeks, studied 3 hrs in the morning and 3 hrs at night. Since I was out of school for so long, I purchased Saunders comprehensive review, with 3000 practice questions. Read it top to bottom, answered all the questions and rationales. Also used kaplan strategy book, that really helped with priority questions. You can do it hon. Don't give up! I wish you best if luck, stay positive! God bless
  12. by   letstalk
    Try the kaplan course.
  13. by   Josie, RN/LCSW
    First of all, I am not aware if any states that give you more than 3 chances to take the NCLEX. Second, if you can't pass it, you're not qualified to be a or not.