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Hello Everyone, I am new to A very long story short: I graduated RN school in May 2001. I have taken the NCLEX five times and was unsuccessful. I had tried everything I knew to do and still couldn't do it. I... Read More

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    I know this thread was started quite a while ago but I wanted to lend some encouragement to those of you who have failed the test repeatedly.

    First of all, if you can complete nursing school, you can pass the NCLEX. Remember how many people didn't make it through? The instructors have a way of weeding out the ones that will not make it but you did. Remember what it took to do all that studying? The sacrifices you made? The determination to do this alone should give you encouragement and motivation. You made it! Remember that.

    Two, considering you did make it through, there must be another reason you aren't passing the test. Consider all the reasons this might be happening. Are you having an exhorbitant amount of test anxiety? Remember that we all had some form of anxiety but for certain people it can inhibit memory and critical thinking skills. There is help for test anxiety.

    The questions on the NCLEX are worded in such a way as to be confusing and you'll have to use critical thinking to choose the right one out of the final two. Ask yourself what would happen if you did each, and which one would take care of the problem they are addressing in the question. Analyze it if you really are having a problem choosing otherwise go with your first instinct if you have prepared well. That's the key though.

    When I graduated in 1993, I had to wait two months to take the NCLEX. I spent those two months reviewing and preparing for it. When I tell you that, I'm talking about studying as much as I had when I was in school. Hours per day - not simply one or two. I made a list of what I thought I was deficient in and although I reviewed everything, I paid special attention to my personal needs.

    Lastly, and this is meant in the best way, there may be nurses or family that discourage you from taking it again. Don't let that happen. You may experience attitudes about the number of times you have had to take it but again, don't let anything discourage you from doing what you have to do. I admire your determination.

    I once worked with a nurse who had to take the NCLEX repeatedly to pass. Know what? We didn't know and she was a very good nurse. I think the fact that she did have a hard time may have even helped her in the end. She was very systematical and organized which in retrospect, I think she may have partially learned because she did have to take it so many times.

    So, just do what you have to do. If you work, spend your entire evening hours studying. Get someone to help with the kids. Buy as many books as you have to, borrow the money if you have to. Take as many courses as needed. Just don't give up. If you need extra time, study for a few months, schedule the exam and then continue to study.

    Just do it...........and get er done!
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    Hi there!

    I feel the same way here. I graduated May 2010. I failed Nclex 4 times and feel very discouraged. I was going through a lot of family and health issues. I realized that I shouldnt have taken those tests. A few times, my friends and family would ask, "Why arent you taking the test. Take it next week. Dont you want it to get it done? Why are you lagging?". I realized that I should have ignored them because I felt that I wasnt ready for the test. First htime, I just took Kaplan without watching the videos and did alll the Qbank and Qtrainer but it didnt sink in. And I still took the test. Second time, I took Kaplan again and focused on the videos. The videos are long and boring for some reason. I dont count most of these tests because I went through a lot this past year emotionally and physically. So now, I'm doing Hurst Online review and its making sense to me. Videos are interesting and most of the instructors on it are Southern, so its kinda funny. Their voices arent monotonous like the Kaplan ones. Oh yeah, there is this cute guy with a Southern accent which made it interesting with Hurst. Hahah sorry just to add that in. I was glued to the video. For me, it helped me focus. Doing the questions with Hurst is just practice, so I'm not sure if I'm doing well.

    Please pray for me....My test is in a few days!

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    Good luck to you! I'm pullin' for ya!
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    OMG Annienurseangel I would really like to chat with you.Your story sounds so familiar,I thought I was the only one with this story from Florida.Pls I need more info,b\I've been afraid to muc time has passed. THANKS IN ADVANCE
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    I would really like to speak wit you,your story has really touched me because it sounds all so familar to me.Pls I want this so bad,just afraid because I thought I've waited to late.It's good to hear from someone from Florida where I reside. THANKS IN ADVANCE
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    While people might make it out of nursing school, some are not successful in obtaining a license. After the first unsuccessful attempt, it means reviewing and revising study habits. Seek the help of a friend who passed the exam. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, something clearly isn't working. Use it as a learning experience.
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    Hello, thanks for the possitive encouragement. I've taken the nclex four times and failed. I went to a very poor school and didn't teach us very well. Is there any live courses, face to face for a refreshner course for the lpn in Dayton, Ohio? It's been 3 years since I've been out of school and need some real tutoring. Any suggestions out there? Thank you.
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    I graduated in 2006 in the summer took a Live Kaplan class. I don't think i would have passed without that class. I did their online modules. As for studying on my own i just bought NCLEX question books i did all of the questions and read the rationales that's what helped me pass the first time. i didn't spend hours reviewing material. I just did questions and read rationales. If the question had material i didn't know that much about the rationale would give some basic background info on it.
    The key to the NCLEX isn't knowing as much info as possible its about recognizing what kind of question they are asking and picking out the best answer by process of elimination. Kaplan teaches you all types of tricks and hints. It helped me so much. This was my experience however I heard a rumor that the NCLEX got harder since i took it in oct of 2006. not sure if its true......good luck to you
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    Hello Everyone, As I have read all of these posts from page 1-4 I know now that I am not alone. Everyone's posts has encouraged me to start somewhere. This is my story......I graduated in 1998 from Nursing school and i took my test in 98 and then again in 2000. After taking it twice I got very discouraged. Even in shcool I was not that good of a test taker and I think for the most part it was my nerves / anxiety that I always thought I would not do well. I did not graduate with a 3.0 instead a 2.8 but Nursing was my passion. After not passing my test twice I gave up....I recently got married last year but no kids right now but defintely planning. I did want to take this time to get back into it b/c I do love Nursing and know that is what I want to do but the fear of not passing the test again is always in the back of my mind. My husband / family has definitely encourged me to go for it, but their words isn't enough to make me say OK LETS DO IT The first time i took the test I did take the Kaplan but still didn't pass. I thought it was an excellent review and I would def. take it again for review. I think this weekend I will go to Barnes and Noble and purchase my first NCLEX book after 14 years of being out of the field and just start doing questions. I would love to find a refresher course / study group. I am in Atlanta, GA if anyone has any information / suggestions, my heart, mind, body and soul is ready to accept it and move forward....Thank you for reading and listening...I have never expressed this just held it in for so long and if this is the start of a new beginning to being the RN that I have always wanted to be then it feels GREAT! Be Blessed!
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