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Hello!! I was wondering if I am alone in what I have done? I have been an RN since 1991. I have worked in Nursing homes and Home Health moslty, with some time in Cardiac Rehab and with mentally handicapped. This year as... Read More

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    I too am on the constant look out for a non nursing position because I to am tired of the treatment we older experienced nurses are receiving at the hands of these clinical employers. The disrespect, the pure selfishness, the stress and health issues this kind of treatment brings on is not worth it.

    Being a older nurse with 32 yrs of experience dooms one into one continous temp/time limiting job after another for all the worn out posted reasons here on AN. The stints on unemployment between these positions are emotionally and financially draining. One just gets out of the financial abyss when the position ends and it is followed by a 1 1/2-2 month stint on unemployment again and it's start all over again.

    The discriminatory practices in nursing is rampant. Especially the ageism. If a nurse speaks out or reports on any kind of discrimination at their workplace, they are retailated against and terminated. Retaliation is another reportable offense and in other industries it brings big paydaysin the form of lawsuits. In nursing it is swept under the rug. No Nursing power house seems to moving in any direction to purge the profession of these practices. The metro areas of the country are the worst offenders.

    I would love to get in a financial position where I could get a position in an legal office or a any business office non nursing related such as a home improvement store, any where, just to see if this kind of behavior goes on there.
    It has left me unenthusiatic toward nursing. Not the expectation of nursing academia's whitepapers (related to older experienced nurses being kept in the profession) they planned on. And to that end I know i am not alone.

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    You took the words right out of my mouth. I have been brainstorming and am even forming a group that encourages each other about ways to strengthen ourselves and move on from our nursing jobs. For the most part it seems that hospital nurses are THE MOST unhappy of all the nurses. One good thing about nursing is the alternatives you have to move around to different areas whereas if you were an accountant, well you would be accounting somewhere. Let me know if you come up with a better alternative.
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    I hope to change to a non-nursing job someday soon. Or at least a non-hospital nursing job. I haven't even been doing this very long, but I know its not for me. I've even found myself daydreaming about my old crappy retail/restaurant jobs lately. I wish I'd listened to those voices in my head telling me it wasn't a good fit during school, but practicality won out I guess.
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    I posted something very similar recently (on the general nursing board), and I see this thread hasn't had any replies in 5 months, but would love to hear more people's experiences!
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    I am still browsing the classifieds daily but have not found anything I would apply to yet. I hate feeling so trapped in nursing. I have some small debts to pay off and I feel like I can't even quit until I get that done. So you can believe I am living as thrifty as possible and making the biggest payments I can so that I won't feel so financially strapped when I do finally leave. Even in case management there is still huge liability which is one reason I hate nursing. And the workload is enormous. It's the last area I thought I would try before I would be totally done with this career. I don't handle stress well and I also think about my job and the situations at it like 24/7 including my days off! I can never enjoy time away from work because I take it with me everywhere. I really have NO idea what kind of job I will end up with one day!
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    I'm glad to have found this conversation stream. I'm an LVN with 18 yrs experience and a bachelor degree in a non-nursing field. I had hoped my degree would help me find something I enjoyed AND good to very good pay as well. The harsh reality for me is that the nursing background actually held me back in moving into a different career field. Potential employers saw it and decided I wouldn't be a good fit because my scope of experience seemed so narrow. I'm now working in a nursing position, office based in a cubicle with a headset 8 hours a day, Mon-Fri, day shift. I make good money ($42K + benefits) but at a cost to my personal satisfaction.

    A friend linked me up with a professional resume writer who revamped my resume to highlight my strengths - we all have them as nurses - while still including the clinical aspect. Things like organizational skills, leadership, supervisory and case management skills and even educational experience. When you think about it, we have all those skills and experiences that we utilize on a daily basis as a successful nurse. I'm looking at moving more towards education for adults as my future goal. I'm already 40 which may seem to be late in the game but these days with people working until their 80's, I think I'm doing pretty good and not overly concerned about the age thing. Especially since my past experience coupled with learning new skills (computer and technology focused) can help me to land a job that will fit most, if not all, of my needs AND wants for a career.

    FYI: most public libraries offer FREE training in Excel, Word, and basic computer usage which are a must for employment now. For those of you lacking in those skills, I strongly recommend getting them. Also, sit down and write down your strengths and interests ex: organizing, research, creative writing, etc including hobbies you enjoy so you can get a good idea of what it is you'd like to do. With the help of the resume writer and some introspection and prayer, I feel ready to move into something that will make me happy and provide me with a cash positive life. Best of luck to you all!
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    I feel some of where you sound like you are coming from. I am in dispair over the sweeping under the rug of certain things in nursing. What is harder is when the unemployment is denied and with 7 kids to support through the fiscal cliff, I just don't know how we are going to make it. I am fed up with medical-surgical specialty rehabilitation and long-term care (I still love geriatrics, I just can't do it anymore). I feel sorry for the nurses who have been working all their lives and still get treated undesirably by administration. I think of all of the patients and their families you have helped, and my heart goes out to you for the endurance and self-torture. Not to mention social torture. I've missed out on so much time with my kids, and have lived in poverty with my wages as an RN between 20-23$ per hour (I really thought these stories are from the dark ages of nursing), and getting reprimanded for overtime. I am hoping something will renew my passion for working as a skilled nurse. It was the hardest thing I have ever done for me to go through the nursing program with all the kids while working for very poor wages. I am going through vocational rehabilitation to try to get help with legal nurse consultant certification, now that I have no hearing in my right ear from mastoiditis. I was fired from my job, it is the most embarassing thing I have gone through. I have a hard core work ethic, one that can drive me for 12 hours back to back, but I can't do that to myself. I enjoyed your posting. I hope you find something you like.
    -R.Nixon, RN (Nurse becca)
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    Would you mind sending me the name of the person that worked on your resume" as I too am looking for a professional remake of my resume' which is extensive. Thanks

    Appreciate the help.
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    To mtngrl: I know you don't like it...but renew your license...I don't like insurance...but I keep renewing my license....I used to be a teacher, and the only license I have now is my NJ license which I received before No Child Left Behind went into it will not expire. I am not a nurse. I have tried countless of times to be a nurse...I now do not really want to be a nurse (and this is a separate story which I do not have time to type that has all the good elements of a Cloak and Dagger story). There is nothing about nursing schools that I trust, anymore....thanks for the insight. Cover your bottom, mtngrl, its rough out there, even outside of nursing.
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    Well I went and got a new job....but yup, it's still an RN job lol. Will continue in case management. Maybe I will like this one better. I always say I am going to leave and then take another RN job. That darn money! Gotta have it.

    My dream job is to work in a campground. Think I have to save a LOT before I could ever do that lol lol lol.
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