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  1. 2 Hi, I'm new to allnurses and this is my first post! I'm interested in research nursing and have a few questions. Do most positions require a BSN? What type of previous nursing experience will most employers want? What is a typical day like? Thanks!!
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    Are you interested in hospital-based research (inpatient studies) or office-based research?

    No, a BSN is not always required, but it does depend on the job. I worked in outpatient women's health, internal medicine and cardiology, and I was not a nurse nor did I have a BS at the time. Some positions will require no research experience if you are a nurse, but your prior nursing experience may help you decide on which research specialty to enter.

    I really loved research and enjoyed my patients and tried to make their research experience something to look forward to. It's quite fulfilling when you see someone improve on a new drug. It's even cooler when the drug you once knew as a coded "investigational product" becomes an FDA-approved marketed drug that helps more people feel better. Good luck!
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    We are hiring! I need another research nurse and another clinical research coordinator in my group. We are in Kansas City at KUMC. Contact me today for need a CCRC (or willing to test and obtain it) and have a minimum of an associate's degree but we prefer BSN and MSN.

    Typical day includes screening for new patients, learning about new protocols, visiting with patients, learning and growing in a university setting, entering data, and mentoring others. Sometimes, I'm asked to find more great people to join my team, like right now!
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    Ha! Sent you a PM. If you're in OKC, I may have a lead. No, you don't need a BSN, and its a good field.
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    ResearchNurseRNCCRC: I am from KC and I have an interview at KUMC today for a research nurse position. Do you work at the westwood campus mostly? Thanks!!!

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