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You know you are a rehab nurse when: Your patient finally has a bowel movement and it makes your day..... Your calm, always lethargic, patient is started on Provigil and begins to complain and you want to celebrate.... ... Read More

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    When standing in your own bed at night, the outside car's alarm look like call lights or bed alarms, loooool
    When the numbers of CNAs assigned in each morning shift for reahab patients pass for far the Einstein's theory
    When an "air bed" is far away a love place...lool
    When "put a pillow beetwen legs and at 3 we will turn", is an involuntary phrase
    When you know after sound from wich room come the alarm
    When you old pacient tell you "Z come to tell you about my protesis" and you hear again the same story from the last 1 week ago in each day the same... and each time you tell "Really? Is woanderfull!"
    I love all of them....
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    I have been laughing at all of these and can relate. You guys did great.

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