Things Rehab Nurses Cannot Live Without!!

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    I have just accepted a position doing short-term rehabilitation in a Rehab and Long-term care facility. I am excited to begin, and am wondering what tools/tips you all have to survive those tough days and even just your ordinary shift!

    So far my list is ... coffee, water, stethoscope, and a pen :-)

    What else should I have so I can be totally prepared to provide an exceptional patient care experience?

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    1. Scissors with blunt tips (for wound care)
    2. Tape measure (to measure wounds, calf size, etc.)
    3. Yellow highlighter (to highlight D/Cd orders on the MAR/TAR)
    4. Red ink pen in addition to the black ink pen
    5. Paper tablet or composition notebook for note-taking
    6. Gait belt (to assist with transferring patients from bed to wheelchair)
    7. Three-ring binder to keep master copies of important paperwork
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    Small mirror to assess heels for pressure ulcers without having to stand on your head :-)
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    Small mirror to assess heels for pressure ulcers without having to stand on your head :-)

    Super clever! Thanks, I would have never thought of that
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    That little mirror idea is terrific!!!
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    Everything previously a FIM reference guide somewhere in the immediate vicinity
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    Awesome list I may be working inpatient rehab and I'm primarily a psych nurse. Thanks for the info!

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