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I just accepted a position on an acute rehab unit as a new grad. Now Im very excited and happy to be starting however Im feeling a bit discouraged. Im hearing from some people that nurses whom work... Read More

  1. by   taramb7263
    Quote from silvergirl
    hAHA -not a real nurse! oKAY First of all....other units often call our unit for help when they get old SCI patients to their units. Re autonomic dysreflexia how to transfer them, how to do a bladder scan. How to transfer difficult patients. So don't let anyone tell you different. WE DO: Spinal Cord Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries---many with bone flaps missing, on tube feedings, with trachs (other RNs who float to us, some of them, aren't given these trach patients because they don't know how to work with them---true story), they don't know how to hook up a tube feeding. We do amputation dressings, packing wounds, helping with fresh ostomy dressings, pressure ulcers to the bone. Oh and we do it all doing it with 7 patients each. We do IVs everyday, IV fluids everyday, TPN and lipids, WE ARE a medical floor! We just have them longer than other units! We do foleys. We have acute patients go bad too. We have codes on our floor, we have people who start to bleed out---we get it ALL. GO FOR IT!!!!
    This sounds exactly like where I'm working! Plus figure in psych- anxiety, denial, grieving, attn seeking etc! But we have 20 pts max!!! How do you plan your day? I'm filling nurses who I can see have bad habits cut corners and leave 2 hrs late because if charting!!! Any ideas that you can share about prioritizing? They have a report sheet that carries over and their meds adm record also but I made one that I copy on shift and I split it into categories like wound care, iv, c/s, o2 therapy and I put the room number and name so I can have a quick reference . This is how I did it in the hospital but only for 7 not 20!!!
  2. by   AshleyO77
    I would love to talk to these people who say Rehab Nursing isn't real nursing. Yeah we give out a lot of a meds (so does every nurse), but in some instances its more difficult. I work on an acute rehab floor and I know that I use my assessment skills EVERYDAY, change and stage wounds, deal with all types of social issues, insert foleys, etc. And sometimes I have to do all these things with 7-10 patients! And I don't know about your facilities, but at my facility between, 7pm-8am all the doctors are gone! So if we have a code blue or rapid response (which DOES happen) the nurses have to run the code. We obviously can't give meds, but its a challenege. So you go girl!