Rehab Nursing advice please...not a real nurse? - page 5

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I just accepted a position on an acute rehab unit as a new grad. Now Im very excited and happy to be starting however Im feeling a bit discouraged. Im hearing from some people that nurses whom work in rehab (physical med) are not... Read More

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    I would love to talk to these people who say Rehab Nursing isn't real nursing. Yeah we give out a lot of a meds (so does every nurse), but in some instances its more difficult. I work on an acute rehab floor and I know that I use my assessment skills EVERYDAY, change and stage wounds, deal with all types of social issues, insert foleys, etc. And sometimes I have to do all these things with 7-10 patients! And I don't know about your facilities, but at my facility between, 7pm-8am all the doctors are gone! So if we have a code blue or rapid response (which DOES happen) the nurses have to run the code. We obviously can't give meds, but its a challenege. So you go girl!

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