Health South Rehab Hospital?

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    Anyone have any info regarding Health South Rehab Hospital, working as an RN?

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    I work for HealthSouth for 4 yrs. as an LPN full time and now am just prn. Not sure what you are wanting to know. I don't have any specific complaints. You are welcome to write me back and ask anything you want. We are a small satellite hospital with our main hospital about 40 miles away. I hope I can help with any questions you may have.
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    Thanks for the reply. If you don't have any specific complaints, your hospital must not be a bad place to work.
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    I have worked for 3 The longest being in MO-we are a 60 bed sub acute specializing in TBI, SCI, Multit, CVA etc...We are ranked nearly #1 of all HS inpatient facilities, so they say. I am proud to work for HS-all facilities differ and they have seperate focus'. For example, one I worked for in NV worked more with COPD, general Debil and CABG. They were pretty short term, where in my current one we are longer term with very high acuity.
    I started at this one in 1998, left in 02 to move with hubby, worked for two more in 03-05 then moved home again and am back at the same place. I like them bc they are small but large. There is one in pretty much every major city-except San Diego, go figure. We are like a big family and I don't see much in the way of high turnover either. I'd stay here forever but don't plan on staying in MO.
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    I am a Healthsouth RN. It is a good place to work. The have good benefits, a nice clinical ladder program, good resourse people. With that said I need to tell you what I feel is a draw back. Often there is a lack of cohesiveness between the disciplines. More often than not at our facility, nursing is at the bottom of the food chain.
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    I was working for HeathSouth Rehab Hosp but it just got bought out by Five Star...only complaint really is staffing. Plenty of nurses, not enough aids. Other than that so far so grad 3 mths
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    I'm a RN-work for Healthsouth-have for 2 years. It's the best job I've ever had.
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    I interviewed today at Healthsouth in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It sounds like a good opportunity and a great way for me to get out of cardiac. I am so sick of where I am!!! I have 6 patietns now and they said I will have 8 at HS. Is that bad or good? I don't do rehab, so I don't know. They say they will pay my student loans and will give a sign on. And, the salary is a little bit less but not much. Any ideas?
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    Hi-having a patient load of 6-8 is our normal with it ususally being 6-7. We have nurse techs who are responsible for the patient care tasks: bathing, dressing, etc. if that is not being assisted with by O.T. I work on a unit that has a lot of ortho-hips, knees, also MVAs with fractures, some head trauma and some general debil patients. We have a great supply of good physical therapists, O.T.s , speech and R.T.s too-so our support is really good. Hope you like it-let us know. MM
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    I am also thinking of applying for an rn position at healthsouth. I have been working for home health for the past 6 1/2 years . I am also wondering what to expect at a rehab hosp like healthsouth. What are some of the nursing duties as compared to an acute care hosp nurse?

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