Any one having problems with declining census? Any one having problems with declining census? | allnurses

Any one having problems with declining census?

  1. 0 Hello, I work at a rehab hospital in central ohio. Our census has declined over the last month to the point that days off are being given to the staff. I am curious if other areas of the country have noticed a decline too?
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    Ups and downs. 3 weeks ago, 2-3 nurses a shift being low-censused, now we're getting overtime.
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    Florida Rehab RN here.........Snowbirds bring our census up this time of year, as you can imagine! At my hospital, we don't bring in Agency nurses with the increased census.Staff nurses are offered contracts December thru April that are comperable to an Agency rate.......Payday rocks this time of year!!!!

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    I work at a rehab hospital in Texas. Census has been burgeoning (up, up, up) over the past three to four months to the point that management has recently done a bunch of hiring of new employees.

    My worries revolve around the inevitable reality that census will seasonally drop during the summer, perhaps earlier. After having hired all of these new people, they're going to be canceling shifts like crazy when census drops (and it will).
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    feast or famine - we're fairly full right now
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    My facility is in need of a liasion, so I don't know if the reason of our poor census is due to that, or actual lack of people that need rehab.

    Also, insurance companies are not willing to give rehab time to people unless they have many co-morbidities and the like. (inpatient hospital rehab)
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    We're experiencing low census too. I work for a rehab center in Wisconsin. It gets frustrating at times.