Which is better RN cert. from a community college or BSN - page 4

I am getting a little confused on what to do. I already have a BS, but would like to become a nurse. What is the difference in going to a community college and getting a RN Certificate through them... Read More

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    I dont care what anyone says, I have been in Nursing for 17 years, I have seen nurses with masters degrees that couldnt work in LTC facilities....they couldnt handle the stress of working with demanding older people...it was amazing...personally I feel if you dont have THAT CERTAIN NURSING ABILITY IN YOU.(NO LETTERS AFTER YOUR NAME NECESSARY) it wont matter . too much knowledge doesnt mean you are smarter than other nurses who dont have the letters after their RN.....its handson experience in the end that makes you what you really are, but unfortunately OUR WORLD looks at all those letters as some kind of miracle walking into the door and its just not so.....not that I am condemning all the nurses that achieved them, its just doesnt make for a real diligent compassionate nurse all the time. But thats my opinion. , afterall....someone with a college degree would never survive the streets of Chicago or New York City as a homeless person. You have to be street smart....... It takes your own character, and want to help people that will eventually get you where you want to go once someone who has experience being on that end sincerely knows that this person WITHOUT a degree really knows what the score is.

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