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I want to go thru an ADN degree to BSN. I want to know which is best, online or classroom? I want to get a BSN so that i can get into study for a master's degree in the university of California, San francisco. I wish to know... Read More

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    Thanks so much for all your replies. It's so encouraging. Like changeagent1 said that he[sorry if u are a she] likes the relationships and discussion in the classroom, i like that too but am also thinking of managing time. Won't it be so stressful to go to classroom then get to work? Other responsibilities are there. I so much appreciate your advise and contributions, it taking away my ignorance. I didnt want to get a loan for my BSN only for an MSN. How do i go about it?

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    hi. (just to let you know, i am a she)

    regarding school and loans. loan information can be obtained at the school to which you apply. they always have a financial aid office. do not be so quick to file for loans, though. there are many more grants for nursing education especially to go into advanced practice. there are programs with the federal government that if you offer to serve in an underserved area, such as rural america or indian health service, there are g rants and loan forgiveness.

    all this requires mobility. i don't know what your status is as far as mobility to move, but the more mobile you are willing to be, the more opportunities are for you.

    time management is an issue regarding school. school is stressful no matter what. i liked class room because my bsn was done in an external degree program. it was the statewide nursing program in ca. the program has probably become more online now, but back then, they offered courses at local hospitals. you went to class once every two or three weeks for 4 or so hours. i liked that rather than sitting at computer every night trying to understand what someone was saying in their thread on line. rabbit trails happen a lot when on line.

    my msn was in a traditional university setting, however, they program was geared to working nurses. class was once a week and then sometimes you had to meet with your work group during the week. it was more of a team approach for some classes. but class was after work like 6-10. i liked it like that because you usually got out early.

    i worked different shifts while i was going to school, 12-hr nights for the bsn and 8-5 weekdays for my msn. i liked working the night shift because when i was quiet at night, i could get some work done.

    face it, when you are in school, it is stressful, no matter what program you take because it are using up personal time with requirements. there is always something else you have to do. to complete school, you have to have tunnel vision to get to your final goal of being a midwife. always keep that in sight.

    like i said, the bsn will seem to take forever, that is why i recommended some of the previous schools that have a bsn to msn program. you can do it all at once and graduate much sooner. but you may have to relocate. if you can't relocate, that changes your options. if i had to do it over again, that is what i would do. however, they did not have those types of programs around in the early 80's (wow, it sounds like so long ago, yet it seems like yesterday). the external degree program that i attended is now run out of cal state at dominquez hills. they have it all over the state of california.

    but i know there is a lot of federal grant money out there to get nurses to do advanced practice degrees because we are desperately needed.

    so you see why i would like classroom much better, i just have too much to say. i am trying to keep it brief and i still rattle on. and on and on and on....
    oh well, keep exploring until you find the program right for you. talk to a lot of nurses especially ones in the field you are in. find them in the professional organization of their field and interview them. find out if that is what you really want to do.
    good luck.

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