what if you already have a B.S?

  1. I have a 2 Bachelor of Science degrees, but not in nursing. Looking for an online school that has a 2nd bachelors program. Doubt one exists, but just thought I would ask.
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    Have you checked your state board of nursing? They have a list of all approved nursing programs. Once you find that, and go to the schools' site, you may be able to find an online program.
  4. by   ryanalice
    They do have programs like that. They can be pretty competitive-at least the ones in my area are - but you should look into it.
  5. by   educalcu
    As far as online, i dont know, however the school I went too (PLU) offers and ELM program, which offers non nursing bachelor students to get a MSN.
  6. by   Shorty11
    I would look into Accelrated BSN programs for those who already hold a non-nursing Bachelors. Although, from what I understand, Accelerated BSN programs are highly competitive so be prepared. I already hold a BS in Biology. I have just finished my first semester of nursing school... I am now back in school going for my BSN this time. Although, I am in a traditional BSN program. My GPA wasn't high enough to qualify for an Accelrated BSN program in my area. Since I already have a BS in Biology, I already had the majority of nursing prereqs completed with my first degree, so I will complete the traditional BSN program in a total of 3 years. (1 semester of finishing prereqs and 5 semesters of nursing classes)
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  7. by   StephMom&RN
    My story is similar to Shorty11 but I went another route... I have a BS in Biology and want my masters in Nursing... GPA wasn't high enough for some Accelerated BSN programs.. there was a long waiting list for the Masters-Entry programs (earn your MSN if you have a Bachelors in another field)... I reserached DOZENS of programs in my area and decided on a ADN/ASN program to get into field and to follow that up with an RN-to-MSN program... preferably online... I just graduated (with a much higher GPA this time) so the first part in done... I plan to work, get experience and in a year or two start a MSN program... I'm avoiding BSN if I can... if I go back to school again I want my Masters...
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    Quote from laurie121
    I have a 2 Bachelor of Science degrees, but not in nursing. Looking for an online school that has a 2nd bachelors program. Doubt one exists, but just thought I would ask.
    thanks so much for your responses. Unfortunately I did not score very high on the TEAS test, wish I could find a school near me that did not require it but they all do.
  9. by   Shorty11
    I was what my school called "TEAS exempt." My school does require the TEAS for admission, but since I already held a Bachelors Degree they did not require me to take the TEAS to be accepted into the program. Probably not all schools do this exemption, but I think it would be worth calling the schools you are considering and asking if they have such a thing.
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  10. by   sauconyrunner
    On line programs for nursing will usually require you to arrange your own clinicals. If you already work in a hospital this may be easy to do, but for a lot of people it is difficult to arrange clinical experiences.

    Also check with your local hospitals. A couple of posters here mentioned that some hospitals don't hire from certain programs...just something to keep in mind. You don't want to put in a lot of work and find that no hospital in yur area will look at your application.

    Good luck!