Should I do RN to BSN? Or go straight for my BSN? What did you do?

  1. So should I get my associates then get my BSN or should I go straight for my BSN? Are there any pros and cons to each? What did you do to become and RN?
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  3. by   xoNurseRNxo
    I think it depends in what state you live. If in CA, I would suggest BSN as many hospitals are looking at BSN new grads, instead of ADN grads. Now i'm not saying they are not hiring RNs with associates, but most hospitals in LA area are trying to go magnet and are looking at BSN first. The choice is ultimately yours. Best of luck!
  4. by   appleskeleton
    It depends on where you live. In my area, the only new grads getting hired in hospitals are BSN grads. The ADN grads are only finding work in LTCs.
  5. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Oh child, in the four years or more it takes for you to get your BSN the whole employment scene may have changed. Indeed it could change in the three or so years you are going for your ADN.

    If you have the time, recources and can make the effort go for your BSN and get it over with. I'm serious. That way if nothing is shaking nursing wise post graduation you at least have a four year college degree. That should land you *something* until a steady nursing gig comes along. If things come to the worse there's always military nursing.