RN-MSN education or Case Management Cert any adivice????

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    I have a diploma in nursing (28 years worth of experience) and a BA in special education. I work in a peds office and I know I can't keep doing that for another 20 some years til I retire. Anyone have any thoughts on what would be the best path to take.... I am interested in both teaching and case management. I do not want to spend a lot of money on a degreee if I am never going to make it up in salary,,,, I am really puzzled as to what to do? If this type of thing was discussed elsewhere please direct me to the thread
    Thanks a bunch for any suggestions/advice

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    An advanced degree will give you more flexibility and allow you to work part time for a higher salary than a case manager usually. That said, I always give the advice that an MSN is never wasted.
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    Check out www.cmsa.org, the professional association for health care case managers. It has a lot of valuable information on requirements, networking, and stuff if you're interested in case management.
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    having a MSN degree with a concentration i may be bias on the matter but i think its in your best interest to get a MSN if possible. it will give you flexibility in upward movement with the hospital you are with. if you see yourself working for another 20 years then i think your salary will make up for the time and money spent in getting your education as well.


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