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regional vs national accreditation

  1. 0 I am currently looking into RN to BSN programs. American Sentinel University has a very appealing online program which awards an experienced nurse 30 credits for a nursing license and another 30 credits for >2 years of experience. This means I could be done with my Bachelors degree after taking just 30 more credits. Is it too good to be true?

    This college is CCNE accredited but is not regionally accredited. Am I correct in my understanding that this does not matter unless I plan to further my education? I have no desire to do so, and simply am seeking a BSN program which will allow me to meet the requirements of any nursing jobs with a BSN requirement. Will this program give me that opportunity or should I seek a regionally accredited program?

    Do you think I would have any problems acquiring a BSN position with a degree from a nationally accredited University that is not also regionally accredited? I have done so much research but am finding myself so confused at this point.

    Thanks for your help!
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    They applied for regional accreditation in 2010 but did not meet standards. Rather than taking the corrective actions needed to achieve this, they just withdrew their application. This does not look good.
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    Looks like this has changed; they have CCNE status now, in 2013. I'm looking into them.
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    CCNE is NOT regional accreditation. Regional accreditation is what will get you transferable credits and a gateway to grad school (if you so desire). CCNE will not. Caveat emptor
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    For those of you who may not know, 'national' accreditation does not trump regional accreditation. In fact, the opposite is true. Read up on it here: What is the difference between regional and national accreditation? | Yahoo! Education Help - this Yahoo article provides a pretty straight up picture of the issue.

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