Mixed feelings about interview

  1. Good evening all!

    It's a long story but i'll keep it short.I have not worked in four years.I have unsuccessfully applied to several hospitals . I finally got two interviews for long term care.I am panicking about it now because i dont know if I will be able to answer all the questions correctly.Part of me really wanna go...part of me wanna just avoid going to the interview.I am here picking my hair out because I feel like a loser.

    What do you guys think? any advice will be appreciated.
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  3. by   lumbarpain
    I hope I wasnt the only one answering your post after so many years......Its sad that you have decided this, but I feel most nurses who change their minds didnt have their minds changed from their own internal feelings . It was the exterior incoming negative work environment, the being overwhelmed, the too many patients to handle, the worry, the stress, the paperwork, the possibility of getting some contagious disease, or getting hurt on the job, the list is endless.......I feel for you for Nursing has been a disapointment for me after my first 4 years of working LTC. It drains the lifeforce out of you and you become some kind of humanfied robot for the system. I hope you have found your niche' either in another different more rewarding healthfield environment or another job that makes you feel better. This is so important in life.....to be happy with your work and not bring it home with you.
  4. by   clahoney7
    It is difficult to get into the hospital after so many years off-I have been in Case Management for 6yrs and they won't be calling me either. It is good that you got the interviews at LTC as I cannot even get them to respond for an interview.

    First what I would do is understand the traditional questions and practice, such as "Can you tell me a little about yourself?" and "What are your strengths?" and especially practice in the mirror or with a friend "What are your weaknesses?"

    You may also get situational questions such as "How would you handle a difficult family member?"

    Many of the questions are the same in every interview that I have went to for nursing and I am a Case Manger.

    Most of all be confident, honest, and don't ramble. If you do not get the job you can chock it up to interview experience-you will get better the more you do because you will be more comfortable.

    Good luck!

  5. by   November09RN
    Thank you for your comments. After reading Lumbarpain's comment,I decided to do some research on this facility.This facility has a lot of deficiences that were uncovered at the last inspection.Among the deficiencies are patients' safety,nutrition,cleanliness,not enough staff to safely care for the amount of patients at te facility. Based on this,I've decided not to attend the interview.I have never worked in a long term care facility.I am a UK nurse.

    P.S. All of the inspections for prior years were very frightening. I ordered a fax blast for my resume to be sent...hence why I ended up with this interview.

    Thanks again for your comments.
  6. by   nursegirl75
    YOu should at least go to the interiew to get some interview practice. Let me tell you, after 3 interviews I became more comfident and know how to answer on the spot. I would just go to every interview even though I didn't want the job. And by the time I found my dream job, I did really well in my interview. I got the job I always wanted. You don't have anything to lose by going. Gluck