Certification for ADN nurse

  1. Hey all,

    I am debating whether to pursue certification either in med/surg or cardiac/vascular.
    I have the two year requirement for med/surg but not tele yet. Also do you have to be sheath trained? My state doesn't require CEUs for licensure so I will have to get 30 CEUs to be eligible for the certification exam which I could do easily enough.
    I'm just wondering, which one do you think is better? I see myself as a tele/stepdown nurse as opposed to a med/surg nurse although I do a lot of med/surg on my floor. We tele nurses are fairly familiar with med/surg as we often work on tele/med/surg units.
    I would be eligible for the med/surg exam a lot sooner than the tele exam but I'm wondering if that would be strange...for me to be a tele nurse yet be certified in med/surg.
    Also, is there any point in becoming certified in med/surg now and then later in tele? The hospital wouldn't pay a differential for the second certificatin I imagine.
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    I'm thinking maybe you need to re-post using a different title....I'm not sure what "ADN Nursing" has to do with what you're asking.... It sounds like you need info on becoming an RN-C? In your specialty area, which is what? Med Surg or Tele?
    At any rate, you'll get more info w/a clearer post.
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    What certification do you seek?
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    You're qualified to take the exam for PCCN(IF you have this much hours in telemetry)... Check www.aacn.org for more info. It's the CCRN counterpart for Stepdown/Tele/Progressive RN's. Requires 1750 hours bedside care in the above mentioned areas, with 875 from the previous year.

    Here's your blueprint: http://www.aacn.org/certcorp/certcor...2?OpenDocument
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    Hey guys,
    I reread my initial post and it doesn't THAT confusing hehe. "Certification for ADN nurse" means an RN with an associate degree who wishes to pursue certification. I don't know how else to title it.
    Also, in my post I state that I am vacilating between med/surg or cardiac/vascular certification, and that's why I posted.
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    I know the AACN has more certifications for BSN nurses, but there are still some certs an ADN nurse can get. I think I would go for the exam that you can take now and then get the next certification when you have enough hours to do so. IMHO, you can't have too many certifications. Good luck!