1. I have possibly a dumb question, but I'm going to ask anyways. I'm trying to decide between taking an LPN to ASN or BSN course. My husband and I are dicussing the pros and cons of ISU or EC. One question my husband had that I wanted to double check on is that if when you finish your ASN do you take the same NCLEX RN that someone who is sitting after their BSN would take?

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Same NCLEX is taken for all RN candidates.
  4. by   carolinapooh
    We were having the whole NCLEX conversation/debate the other day after an exam. I go to school with a load of Type A's (God bless them) and they are all paranoid and hyped up about NCLEX, even though we won't be taking the thing until next January. Some of the stuff they were stressing about seemed a bit over the top to me, and seemed highly unlikely as potential NCLEX questions.

    Here's the deal, and it's what I pointed out to them. It's a little tidbit I figured out one day, and remembering it keeps me sane regarding NCLEX.

    There are three ways to become an RN in this country: diploma, ADN, and BSN. Like it or not, they all have different levels of requirements for completion.

    But the nursing CORE is going to be the same, because ALL OF THESE STUDENTS HAVE TO PASS NCLEX. The common core of knowledge is where the NCLEX questions lie. Otherwise all three groups could not possibly pass the same test. So whatever the diploma, ADN, and BSN nurses all need to know to take care of Patient X - THAT is what will be on the NCLEX. Wherever the three different routes overlap - that's where you'll find your questions.

    Seems obvious, doesn't it? It took me a semester and a half of nursing school to solidify it in my head.

    Just something to think about. Makes NCLEX a little less scary in the long run.