1. How long does it take?
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  3. by   jules52
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    How long does it take?
    I also wonder how you know if you should go from ADN to BSN then MSN, or use the bridge program and go directly to MSN. I already have a BS in education and want to teach one day, but unsure about avenue to take. Any advice? Jules52
  4. by   kimmeyd
    I am in the RN-MSN program at TWU to be a NP. Depending on where you go, a person with a bachelor's in another field can do the post-bachelor's degree MSN program. Otherwise, the standard RN-MSN track is 54hours (as long as you are core complete at another university, otherwise you'll have to take their specific core classes beforehand) in which 32hrs will be spent doing your BSN. So once you get your BSN you will only have 22 hours to go to finish your master's (10hrs of the original 32 are master's level courses that dual as a BSN and MSN level course load). Also, if you are doing RN-MSN you have to be working full time as a RN. So how long it take you is completely dependent on you how many hours you want to take each semester. Hope this helps and good luck!
  5. by   happyinillinois
    What school is TWU?
  6. by   kimmeyd
    Texas Woman's University....#64 top nursing school in the nation and has the largest doctoral nursing program in the world (which we are all going to need if the 2015 NP rule goes into effect...)
  7. by   3wishes
    kimmeyd, I understood from the website that for the rn-msn program, you only had to have completed the equivalent of a year's rn employment by the time you begin clinical placement. Meaning, I thought, you could work say 18-20 hrs a wk., maybe less during toughest semesters and more during easier ones, as long as they added up to whatever # of hours they consider to be a year fulltime? No?

    Also, you are the only one in this program that I have seen reply to any questions in a long time! Thanks! Maybe you could recruit some others to allnurses. We have lots of questions, such as, did you or anyone you know of take those challenge tests for course credit?

    Thanks again for any info on the program, even random info.