Accepted! Simmons' Dix Scholar Program Summer 2013 - page 2

Hi Everyone!! I just got the news!! I have been accepted to the 18 months Dix Scholar program at Simmons College. Anyone else on the same boat?... Read More

  1. by   hcady

    I was accepted to the SUmmer 2013 start date for the dix scholar nursing program as well. I am very excited to get started! I was wondering what people were doing for living accommodations?

  2. by   kgcoon
    Congrats everyone! I was just accepted to the 18 month nursing program at simmons too! I am trying to make a decision right now about attending...I am still waiting to hear from the accelerated program at MCPHS in Worcester. Any suggestions? Where are you guys all living?
  3. by   BostonTerrier
    Does anyone know when the orientation is? Or if we even have one? My advisor told me classes start 6/28 but I haven't received any info by mail yet! It's getting so close to June I'm getting antsy!
  4. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Congrats to all of you! I'm a current direct entry Simmons student myself (a friend of mine was in the Dix program) and I'll admit you don't get much information until you show to orientation (DE and Dix student orientation/start time is the same day); my orientation was mid-June before I started classes at the end of June and I heard about the date about a month before.

    I will say that Simmons finds you awesome clinical placements to look forward to!
  5. by   SKay226
    So how did everyone like Simmons' accelerated program? I'm applying for next year and looking for input Thanks!