pvrs feeling a little frustrated here.

  1. Does anyone out there do pvrs? It seems like all the docs are ordering them on everybody. I had a young guy 45. had only smoked 15 years. His big complaint was his second toe hurt and was blue.but that was a month ago and it feels better now. We are backed up at least a month now. just don't have the staff right now. Last week was the last straw. We have a local doctor-you probably have one too. not sure how she got out of med school.
    She send s this guy in for a pvr. Could not read the prescription. It did say pvr, but you can have pvrs oof arms or legs. had absolutely no pain in legs. not even DM, Didn't even smoke!She takes 45 min to call us back. She's us absolutely no help. We used to just do 1/day. now we are scheduling 2/day. with 1-2 addons pfrom the floor in addition to all the other procedures

    Oh and you know what else just unnerves me!! Docs that order MRI sedation when it needs to be anesthesia. I had a inpatient I was working up for sedation. I finally got old chart. I had tried to sedate this patient last year, unsuccessfully.It looks like the patient would or could take some responsibility.
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  3. by   dianah
    I know what you're saying, Frann! Some practicing by the book rather than taking time to look at or listen to the pt, as well as to do a little delving into past history. Some docs are just new, and will learn, with time and clear instructions. It seems some, however, missed the boat entirely --- they were even on the wrong dock (pun intended)!
    Hang in there! -- D